A good ideas of the day on Conan fans

It would be a good idea to have the option of changing the color of our weapons, and having our slaves leveled up as well as

It may be interesting after problems of a technical nature have been eliminated. But I think your topic should be inserted in the “Suggestions” category and not here. Try to write about your ideas with greater detail, as this enriches your opinion.


Even that this topic is a wrong place i must agree with your idea: not only weapons should have a option to paint (as we can do on armour) but also weapons and armor should have coloured icons! I can never know wich peace of my stock is in the color i’m looking for because ten shirts will be shown with the same original color no matter wich dye was applied to it.

eye patch is that way. just can’t seem to dye it. also, the bearer pack can’t be dyed. very inconsistent

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