Option to dye hair

Should have the option to dye your hair with all these wonderful dyes. I know someone will say something about the theme and having crazy colored hair or that people couldn’t dye their hair during this time period but it’s Conan and yes this existed. Conan is not realistic to begin with. Yes ancient civilizations and tribes did in fact dye their hair and wear makeup.




I am all for dying hair. Years ago did my beard now comes in constantly gray can live with that. Changing my character hair color would be great.



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You need more dyes for hair?
You know it’s tricky and people will not get at the end the desired color so they’ll start complaining :rofl:.
Ok, i am kidding now, i support your wish :+1:t6:

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This was brought a few times before, and each time its usually be stated that the issue with dyeing hair isn’t really that it shouldn’t be or be impossible, but rather whether or not it should stay in modding territory. Let’s look at some examples:

To the left is a normal hair color, the second and fourth images are dyes in an extreme range, and the third is a bit more conservative (its actually quite blue, but slightly lower saturation). I’m showing this here because those of you who do not or cannot use mods, do not know what this all looks like in game. Those who do use mods already do, and are less likely to visit or care about this thread since… well to put bluntly, they already have theirs.

So what exactly is the issue here? If you don’t like a color, don’t use it? That’s a valid argument. And for those who play on lore restrictive servers or single player, they have very little to worry about. For those that don’t, they will be subjected to various extremes in a game that has up to this point at least followed Funcom’s vision for the Hyborian age, where high fantasy is not prevalent and even the fantastical elements adhere for the most part to the generally accepted Sword & Sorcery genre and the established aesthetics set by the original works.

Remember those who cannot mod their game likewise cannot really restrict what happens on the servers they play on. This is more directed for Consoles and those who play on FC servers on all platforms. This is the same reason we don’t request elves and orcs to be playable and ride around on D&D or Oriental style dragons or gryphons. If players wish to do so, then they may use the PC version and mod their game.

Now… I want to go back and look at the image I put in there. I could have left out the third example and bolster my argument, but I kept it in because I wanted to have a fair discussion. People can make the claim that it isn’t impossible and even point to historical examples of dyed hair in history to show it is possible in the time period (12,000-10,000BC), is possible with the technological prowess of even primitive and savage peoples, and there is methods and resources in game that would make such things available.

I am not going to disagree with those assessments. However, the reason I am going to disagree with their inclusion is due to the prevalence of said adjustments over the more natural hair colors. The basic game’s aesthetic is unique to the genre, and unique in gaming in general. I would not like to lose that.

While I understand that many do not have access to modding, I do believe such a feature should remain in modding circles.

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Well maybe only certain colors should be allowed. Maybe the muted colors or dark versions. And yes could say sorcery and such genre adherence but in the original works there are vampires and red Sonja clearly has fire engine red hair. I understand neon pink hair doesn’t exactly fit but it doesn’t exactly break the game either. I’m also not against elves and orcs being playable Lmfao. Or vampires at least. Akivasha who is a vampire does appear in hour of the dragon. I’m aware this probably won’t be added. I’m not that concerned but it would be nice.

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Mkre hair colors or a hair color wheel similar to the clan symbol bench. I tried AOC Mod and i really miss the hair colors, Red actually is red etc

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Yeah you lost you entire argument then. They are 100% against cannon and lore and have absolutely zero place in the lands of Hyboria. If that is what you want to play, go play D&D (which I also play and so that is not an insult or anything). But this is Conan Exiles, based in Hyboria. Neither Elves nor Orcs exist in this world and as such neither have any place in this setting under any stretch of the imagination.

Akivasha was also a member of the Giant-King race living in the lands which, at the time of Conan, are known as Stygia. This was well before the Khari came and drove them out and before the remnants of them formed Acheron north of the River Styx. She was not human, and considering that whatever she did which granted her her immortality over 10,000 years before the time in which Conan Exiles takes place, and even she has to live within the shadows, the very idea of a playable race of Vampires is just not a realistic concept at all.

Red Sonja is a creation of Marvel Comics and is not in any way shape or form a part of the original works. she is NOT a part of the Hyborian Age (outside of the Marvel Comics). If you are going to look at the original works as a reference point for hair colours, then you cannot in any way shape or form condone the act of dying hair in absurdly unnatural colours as they did not exist in any of the original stories. The existence of Akivasha (the one and only Vampire in Hyboria which is ever mentioned) even has black hair. Not pink, green, blue or purple or any other unnatural colour. Just normal straight up black.

So I have to agree with @Taemien on this that if you want to use these types of colours, then you are going to have to stick with mods because they simply do not have any place in the base game.


It was a joke and I’m very aware of the lore. Conan is from my generation and I’ve been playing this game since it released on Sony. Half of what’s in the game contradicts lore. Regardless it’s a game loosely based on the origin story. Red Sonja is a part of Conan lore regardless who created her. Derketo herself is a real Syrian goddess and she was a mermaid but depicted as the goddess Hel in lore. The elves were a joke. Hair color is real. Dying your hair doesn’t make or break lore or immersion. Some people just have opinions about pink hair Lmfao. That’s why you don’t spawn in with pink hair. If you don’t want to dye it, don’t. How often do you realistically interact with players that are not of your guild anyway? You wouldn’t even have to look at it as most people wear a helmet.

Either way it’s beating a dead dog to ask for things like hair color and customization when half the player base can’t log on.

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Also I’ve never played anything modded. It’s cheating and counts for nothing. If it’s not added to the base game oh well. Most console players do not have access to mods either. It’s not that important I’ve had brown hair for 5 years Lmfao but would not be hard to implement.

Hmm… I did not realize you have been around since the 1920’s/1930’s. :thinking:

Well, all of the gods were based on either real gods or the works of other authors of the time such as Lovecraft.

Quite often actually. Considering I play on an RP server that is lore based interaction with other players regardless of your guild is pretty frequent.

See above. Most people actually don’t wear them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh yeah. A mod that adds hairstyles is cheating how? I would really like to hear how you would justify that one.

Make that no console players have access to them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I actually do not play on a server that uses any myself currently or for some time honestly but that isn’t really the point.

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Mods in general are not officially part of the game. Most mods are not just hairstyles either. I was in general speaking about all mods. I only play official servers. And again I’ve played since the release and basically know that hair color won’t be a part of the game. Have you ever seen age of Conan the game? :sob:

In regards to mods are cheating comment, no, it depends on the type of mods the player uses. QoL mods, texture mods, extra hairstyles, quest mods, body replacer mods etc aren’t cheating. Games such as Fallout 4, Skyrim and even World of Warcraft allow mods from those categories. A mod that affects other players enjoyment, such as the mod menus that occasionally pop up on gta online pc are the cheating type mods


Yes I played Age of Conan since launch day for about eight years. I have also played Conan Exiles since early access.

However, I do NOT play on official servers. You simply could not pay me to play on them. Sure, the server I have been playing on for over a year does not use mods and I have no desire for them to ever start doing so but I have played on servers with mods before. There are plenty of mods that do as little as add hair styles and nothing further. Or which add cosmetic items for RP purposes but do not add items that add power to the game. Thus to make a blanketed statement that using mods is “cheating” is simply uninformed at best.

Now granted, there are mods that do drastically alter the game and I avoid those mods. I prefer to play the game as close to the base line as possible, but having additional hair styles is never a bad thing. :grin:

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It is not a part of the base game. Period. I don’t want to mess with files and add and remove things from the game. I’m saying it’s not really a part of the game. A lot of games will freeze your achievements or trophies for using mods and I’m not gonna mess with all that. It’s been 7 years and use the same 3 hair colors. The others are all grey. If they don’t want to add it fine lol. Idrc. It’s a suggestion. It seems ironic that you would be willing to download and install mods for hair color but hate the idea it it being added to the game. Basically no different. Except players on official servers and console would have access. Kinda seems like a modders elitist club trying to keep regular players from having access to the same features they’re playing with mods. Again if you don’t wanna dye your hair pink don’t but most people wouldn’t care what color your hair is lol. Wouldn’t ruin the game for me any more than T4 thralls wearing cloth wraps or final breath of the red mother being non reparable Lmfao. This conversation kinda strange in your die hard attempts to prove coloring hair shouldn’t be allowed lol. They were dying their hair and wearing makeup long before the events of Conan took place and it’s insane to think the 30 characters in Conan lore are the only humans that existed during the fictional time period. Again don’t add pink to the available colors if it’s completely game breaking, immersion breaking to see pink. I’m not going to defend this any longer tho it’s getting weird. It’s hair color. People did it they still do it. It’s a novel about overly glamorous human beings. Can we at least get an actual red and maybe just remove the other 10 colors that are just grey tints.

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Were they? Can you provide evidence to support that?

Howard described the Hyborian Age taking place sometime after the sinking of Atlantis and before the beginning of recorded ancient history.[2] Most later editors and adaptors such as L. Sprague de Camp and Roy Thomas placed the Hyborian Age around 10,000 BC.[3] More recently, Dale Rippke proposed that the Hyborian Age should be placed further in the past, around 32,500 BC, prior to the beginning of the Last Glacial Maximum.[4] Rippke’s date, however, has since been disputed by Jeffrey Shanks, who argues for the more traditional placement at the end of the Last Glacial Maximum.[5]

So, where exactly do you find your evidence to support that people were dying their hair and wearing makeup before the beginning of recorded history? Some time between 32,000 to 10,000 BCE. This is the time frame we are looking at.

Yes a natural red colour would actually be lovely. What they have now is… I really don’t know what to call it but it’s just… bleh. I do agree that they need to touch up the colours that they have, but that does not mean that adding options like these below are the way to go either.

I can provide evidence Lmfao. That’s how I know to begin with. Archaeologist and scientists. Cavemen were wearing cochineal eyeshadow. Also evidence suggest during the Stone Age they were dying hair. Also cavemen. They painted their homes they painted their bodies and faces and colored their hair. Many ancient tribes used henna to color their hair and skin with tattoos. I guess people truly believe they created all these concepts in modern times. The ancients were royal and decadent and glamorous and if there was an option to adorn themself in any type of decoration or cosmetic they would have. It doesn’t matter tho lol.

And yes at least a real red lol. Everything looks grey. Idk if that’s render issues but its looked grey for years so idk lol.

Hair color history

Caveman makeup

Will have to scroll a bit.

Ancient civilizations
Some archaeological evidence suggests that humans may have used dye on their hair as far back as the Paleolithic Period (a distinct period of the Stone Age, which began about 2.6 million years ago). Their preferred source: reddish iron oxide, which they found in the dirt and used to adorn their skin and hair.