Hairstyle change

The game should implement a feature where you can talk to a barber or something. So that we can change our hair and beards.
Hair is a part of the characters identity and it sucks to play with 1 hair for many hours. Also some people make mistakes, and deleting their character is not an ok way of fixing the mistake.

Dear Conan bosses, pleeaaaase make this possible


This should definitely be considered! I have a lv 60 character but I don’t like my hairstyle anymore. I’d love to have a way to change it, even if that way is expensive.

Yes please need to add more variety

Yup! I want this, too :slight_smile:

Wish they added more hairstyles tbh.

Most male hairstyles are so bland compared to the female alternatives… And let’s not discuss on how bad some of the beards look.


Good post, change hairstyle and change hair color that will be cool!

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Change hair, new styles and the ability to change make up/face paint.

Could be an alchemic recipe that costs an alchemic base, light dye colourant an an inking brush.

More hair styles and better colours would be wonderful!


A barber at Sepemeru, 10 silver coins to chamge it, It would be a good addition indeed.


Character edit in general should be in the game imo. i would like to see something like CharEditLite (

Theres really no excuse anymore for any RPG to not have just straight up RGB(A) color pickers for everything in the character creation screen.

Second that, of course we need to change hair but could be overall character editor since there is yellow potion for feats and attributes.

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