Character appearance change


Add an Ivory Comb in the recipes that we can craft from an elephant tusk and use to change our characters hail style, with every use its durability goes down like anything else we use.

Also, allow us to use the Dye that is already in the game to dye our character’s hair to different colors.

Can even go as far as to adding a vanity to place in our house / base that can be used to change our characters full appearance.


please do this!


It would be great. I like it!


I agree, this would be cool. Editing thralls’ hair style would be nice, too.


Please add something like this!! I am level 60 and dislike my hairstyle, and really only want to change that about my character. It’s not worth it to restart just for that. I wouldn’t even care if the item was expensive or single use, just give us the option!


Character re-customization outside of hairstyles. That’d be a Funcom first.