Character appearance change


Add an Ivory Comb in the recipes that we can craft from an elephant tusk and use to change our characters hail style, with every use its durability goes down like anything else we use.

Also, allow us to use the Dye that is already in the game to dye our character’s hair to different colors.

Can even go as far as to adding a vanity to place in our house / base that can be used to change our characters full appearance.


please do this!


It would be great. I like it!


I agree, this would be cool. Editing thralls’ hair style would be nice, too.


Please add something like this!! I am level 60 and dislike my hairstyle, and really only want to change that about my character. It’s not worth it to restart just for that. I wouldn’t even care if the item was expensive or single use, just give us the option!


Character re-customization outside of hairstyles. That’d be a Funcom first.


I fully support this idea :slight_smile:


allow us to customize character like the mod mirror but working on official servers. its shame such simple feature is not implemented for roleplay reasons. please funcom team!


Something like this need to be added!! please do it!


Honestly I would also love to see more hairstyles in game. How many do we have right now, like 10 or something like that.


Due to DLCs adding new styles and races I agree we should get something. But limited in some way as well.


There are mods that allow you to customise your character ingame after creation, which is really nice, even more por rp’ers, since you may adjust your skin tone for instance as if you got tanned after wandering for days under the sun. Same goes for hairstyles, you wouldn’t have the same hairstyle at a social party than fighting crocodiles in down the river!. Drawback is, mods are for pcs. Idea is good, already thought and implemented by someone else through mods.


What mod(s), if I may ask?


If I’m not mistaken it’s Pippi’s mod that has a /customise command.




This is the best Edit mod ever, i hope funcom will implement this in the base game so everyone could change their appearance. :slight_smile:


Its marked as discussed on the suggestion thread, so I hope they will implement it soon!


Hopefully. I created my character as a joke for a friend and I to laugh about because I didn’t know that I would love this game as much as I do now. 81 hours in 7 days, but my character looks like a clown. And I had too much invested in him by the time the joke ran its course :confused:


More character customization, and the ability to recustomize is one of the most popular and frequently asked for requests since the first day of CE. Why the devs have ignored this feature is beyond my wildest speculations because modern gamers expect this level of quality in their games.

Devs, listen to me please! You need to do this, asap. It would be a huge win for your company’s reputation. It can’t be that hard to implement a few more sliders and options for appearance. Implement a feature that uses some of the legendary components and a special thrall to craft a “shape changing” potion that gives the character an opportunity to recreate their look.


This! Please! We have harped for over a year about needing more customization options to keep us from looking like Hykanian Archer II, yet all we have gotten is a muscle tone and height slider. New face and hair options would be a boon for many of us that have made dozens of characters thus far, stuck using the same few hair styles and face presets.

After creation customization would also be a huge help, as some may not want to lose a large amount of base building or progression just to fix a broken nose. We need a rhinoplasty surgeon in Sepermeru or a magic mirror like the Chareditlite mod.