Change character appearance

The only way (without mods) is to recreate your character and you will lose everything you have learned. On my private server this is no issue because i can run mods like CharEditLite ( or just give me my stuff back and teleport to all recipe locations and so on. But on official servers i can’t do that so everything is gone.

I would like to see a an NPC where you can change your appearance like hairstyle, haircolor, namechange, bodyoptions like muscels and so on. That would be really nice :slight_smile:

Sorry for bad english, it isn’t my first language and thank you :slight_smile:


Changing character appearance in the game is a must have. Currently I am level 38 (mid game) and I find some flaws in my character that I would love to fix but I can’t since there is no option in the game that allows it without losing your level and everything you built up to this point. Please do something about it Funcom and continue with the good work!

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