Edit character appearance after creation

I would really love a simply feature that allow us to edit our character appearance by using a special item in the middle of the game.
Do you think this is possible?

Thank you so much for your attention!


this pls!!! i was happy with my char at start but now near end game im starting to dislike some things on my char… bring in a npc to allow us to change appearance… make it cost gold to do so…

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The ESRB censored version of the game has no use for the Potion of Endowment, so why not change this potion to be a character edit (which also lets you edit your endowment in the uncensored vesion)


It is possible. There’s already a mod that lets you change your looks by using a special item (CharEditLite). I’m afraid this doesn’t help console players, but since the feature works, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be done officially too.

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Yeah, something like that would be great, and it seems easy to implement. I really would love to see this on official servers.

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