Vanity Tables for further character customization

A work station that allows for creation and application of Character appearance items (if a transmog system were implemented, various clothing/armor skins might also be crafted at this table)
Could also include

  • Character appearance changes - current default creation makes it a bit difficult to see what the character really looks like before its in the game. Being able to edit would be nice.
  • Special “warpaints”
  • hair dyes
  • hair styles
  • make up
  • mirror (look at the character close up)
  • emotes/facial expressions (like practicing faces in the mirror)

Note: I know there are some mods that allow for many of these things. My suggestion is that they be included as part of the game itself, instead of modded in.


Yup! This should be included in the base game without mods :slight_smile:
As i mentioned earlier, i would like to see NPCs where we can change our character appearance.

This would be awesome! :slight_smile: Using regular dyes to dye our hairs, yes please!