Change your appearance quests/potions

So we can re-do all our skills (feats and attributes) but I think it would be cool if you could change your appearance, and not just because I’ve created a character who looks like he’s been beaten with the ugly stick (which should maybe be a legendary weapon, but that’s a different story). I’d suggest it should be a pretty big multi-part quest (go to place 1, get X, use x to get into place 2, get Y, use Y to get into place 3, create potion then go to character create type screen (no re-choosing original religion, maybe no re-choosing background to keep the role playing element). In each case X and Y disappear when you use them (and maybe have a 24 hour timer on them so you can’t stock-pile, and the potion has a 90 second timer so you can’t take it back to base. Should be difficult to do (or at least slightly long winded) so you can’t change every 5 mins

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Or, we can get npc in Sepreururururueuueurururupuru or however its spelt. XD
Who does hair cuts and such for 5 gold coins. =3


by quests I mean the sort of thing you have with the scourgestone (collect bits and bobs, have to go places). I’d consider most of the dungeons to be quests - that was more my thinking when I used that term - you have to go somewhere, dregs or ruins of Xullan or wherever, do some stuff - kill some creatures, solve some mini-puzzles (do / get X in order to get into Y type stuff) - and then get the reward.

It’s just many hours in and I don’t want to kill off my level 60 character just because I want a new haircut. I thought having to do something a bit more involved than just going somewhere would make it feel a bit more special and maintain the role-playing immersive element of the game (which I think is pretty important) - changing your appearance should be more than an every day event

This might be a bit creepy, but I’d suggest that if you want to look a certain way, you should find a Thrall that looks the way you want, knock them out, and put them in a set shrine for a transformation. You keep your level, but you trade bodies with the thrall.

I still dont understand why we dont have means to modify in game appearance, this is a game for Christ sake, not everything need a “logic” or “realistic” reason (reset attribute potions for example). Its visual, cosmetic, meant to please the owner of the character, why cant we change it already?

“Did you ever have that long hair?”
“No, just changed it”
“Oh… ok, lets kill that dragon now”

Thats how much it would affect other players…

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Haircuts are essential in any rpg game lol. Everyone gets sick of that dumb haircut they have eventually. Even if it has to be a barber in a barbor workbench, im in with it lol

they should try the RDR2 route. you can cut off your hair and baird, but over time it grows back. You can pick the way it looks when you grow back out. It would be cool to go all Cast away and look like a homeless person, knowing i earned that beard :slight_smile:

That it would, but in spite of generating more bugs it’s probably safer to just have a workbench to redefine your appearance.

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