More dyables for players

Make it so you’re able to better distinguish yourself or to role play to a better extent by allowing flags,tapestry, saddles and rugs to be dyed.


I couldnt agree more, and being able to dye rugs, banners and tapesries has long been a secret yearning of mine. I like to ensure that my interior and exterior decore is comprised of consistent, matching colours (red and black of course!) to compliament the weapons, rows of skulls, fur rugs and severed limbs. :smiling_imp: :metal:

I support this call. Funcom please grant us the ability to dye rugs, banners, curtains, tapestries and all manner of cloth decorations.

And building and sheilds and weapons

But a better way for flags is to make our own for our clan to better distinguish bases per say

I feel like It would be reasonably easy to add since armor is already able to be dyed

I’ll settle for dyeable saddles

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Please make buildings dyeable. Pleeeeease!

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Definitely - the more dyable things there are the better - it’s just such a simple element that allows for so much extra personalisation. (Being able to design our own flag/banner to some degree would also be awesome - though maybe more difficult/resource hungry.) For those that have the option, LBPR Additional Features includes numerous dyable versions of carpets, folding screens, general stuff and Fashionist 4.0 (test version) includes dyable horse saddles (though not, I believe rhino saddles). But the more of this that can be added to the base game the better, so that those without access to mods can also enjoy the benefits.

(@GodlyVoice - for what it’s worth - Emberlight does now include a feature for dying buildings (though I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work) - but again, that’s only useful if you can use mods (and it adds a bunch of other stuff along with it - some of which you may not want, depending on personal preferences - always the issue with larger mods that bundle up multiple changes))

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