Thralls with Beards

Just that. Nothing more.

There are no thralls with beards.

Age of Grooming is a thing.

My character can’t shave her pits but every man is silky smooth on der faces.


Is this all you have to post? Really ¡!!!@

I am curious as to why.

I would love to customize my thralls with the orb of Nergal maybe?


Yeah. I know lots of people are into ultra smooth twinks (and it’s also sort of part of the sword and sorcery genre) but it would be nice to have a wider range of body types and body hair and to have those same options available for thralls.

This would be great! To fully customise thralls with the Orb of Nergal, we could change their race so certain races aren’t alone in game.


This one has long bemoaned the baby faces on all NPCs.
For Stygians, being shaven is understandable, being I can’t believe it’s not Egyptian.
However, Nordheimers?

Where are the razors they shave with?
The mirrors?

This one has this rant over a year ago.
Another poster was going to shave their head with an obsidian blade sans mirror to prove it could be done.

But yes, very yes, pretty please.
Let the Barbarian have the Barba.

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If they can randomize skin tone, faces, height, and gender, surely they can randomize some facial hair.
I think this is one of those minor things that most people just sigh and think, “Get it right Funcom”, but am glad it is being brought up again.


Considering how common the “long back hair, bald top” hair style is on male NPCs, I think the facial hair is random, it’s just similarly “weighted” towards a certain option, in this case, the hairless face.

I’m glad to be able to use the Fashionist mod.

I can’t believe that was never implemented. Console players DESERVE more attention. PC player have mods for this. WE DON’T.

I’m sorry, totally unrelated, but why do you always say “this one” in place of “I?” Are you in constant RP mode or is it a cultural thing? My apologies, not meaning to offend. :thinking:

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Honestly, I’d be content with the ability to at least change hairstyles. The orb feels cool and all, but when it comes to certain thralls, it feels like you lose who they are. Dalinsia or Lianeele for example. However, they’re my favorite thralls and it would be nice to mix up their hair (and maybe makeup) so it’s not completely obvious they’re all the same if I got multiples.


See…other people wanted customization as well.

No need to be salty

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That could be an army of eunuch that you possess, fearsome and unbreakable.

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