Bearded NPCs, or Where do all the thralls get razors?

Not a game making or breaking issue…
But it would be very nice if a couple of the NPCs were able to sport facial hair.
Especially amongst the Vanir, the Dogs of the Desert, the Black Hand, the Cimmerians or Accursed (on Siptah).
The terrifying prevalence of shaving kits is a bit immersion breaking.
I completely understand the smooth cheeks of the Stygians, as, roughly Egyptian ports, their culture may heavily emphasize removal of hair…
But for the Viking insert Vanir?

Please, it’s the 21st century, allow beards in the Thrall’s workplace.

On an expanded point, if all the hair options available for the Player were put into the pool for thralls that would also be very nifty.


Stone or flint blades for shaving.


For many people, shaving with a straight razor is a form of Russian Roulette.
Taking a shard of flint or obsidian to the face, sans mirrors, seems like an excellent tool for population control.
Altho, if all clean shaven thralls came with higher Survival (for reduced bleed) and Vigor (more HP) I would be more forgiving…


Reflective still water, a sharp edge, and a steady hand.

Maybe they could tie the Follower list in to the Orb of Nergal?



Hell I seen in prison people shaved with paper so if there is a will there is a way.

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I had a thought. How is it that people in the Exiled Lands can shave their head, or shave in a mohawk, or shave the entire right side of their skull and yet none of them know how to shave their armpits?

On that note, how is it that they know how to trim the hair around their nether regions, yet none of them know how to shave their armpits?


Maybe the armpit hair doesn’t bother them?

Where are they going to find still water?
Water in the desert is moving, fetid, or surrounded by tigers.
Water in the Highlands is always disturbed by the perpetual rain.
Water in colder climate is frozen and trembling from cold is no steady hand.

Altho, I accept that shaving would make one more heat resistant, less hair to keep the heat in.
By that same token, most northern helms have open faces, chapped lips and frostbite as far as all those baby smooth rosy cheeks can be seen.

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A bowl.

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Bold of you to presume these peeps have bowls.
I see an awful lot of smooth faced peeps and a distinct lack of artisan stations in the wild…

Even after putting the poor, hairless, creatures down, there are precious few bowls in inventory.

Altho more bowls than weapons or loin clothes…
Which is also odd, but that’s a different line of pedantry.

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A depression in anything that can hold water with enough surface area to reflect the face or portion of the face would work for shaving. Also you can shave your head by feel alone also.

I’ll give you $200 to shave your head with a shard of obsidian by feel alone.

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Ok, good thing that is not my only option for a blade, laters.

If you’re serious I’ll take you up on that. I have a nice piece of obsidian in my collection that I have in mind for the task. It’s always fun to grab a quick $200 and give myself a haircut at the same time. So how do we do this, who’s brokering?


Ah, come on, I was just having a go.

Altho, if you do make a video of you shaving your own head by feel alone with a shard of Obsidian (or Flint), I will send Benny Franklin and his twin your way.

If I’ve gotta be serious, historically, rough shave by knife followed by rubbing the face with certain stones was not uncommon.

My point is that having a bit more follicle diversity, especially amongst groups that, lorewise, were somewhat enamoured with their beards, would be a good thing


Oh maaaaan… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was totally looking to nab that $200…

Fair question.

I do have to ask, do you currently have hair and do you want to do it by feel alone?

Feel alone gets the Franklin Twins.

With mirrors and such, Benjamin goes solo, just like he did on a good chunk of the young ladies in the dying days of the Bourbon dynasty in France.

Do you find this acceptable?

In less overwrought words:
Headshave using obsidian shank with mirrors, spotter, assistance, ect : $100
Headshave using obsidian shank, feel only, film crew making bad jokes as the only others present: $200

On my end, I want a video of it in progress, no jumps and the only cuts are hair or scalp.

I do strongly support having a neutral broker hold the money once agreement is reached but before any progress is made. I have no illusions about how trustworthy such a deal on interwebs words alone would seem, and we cannot shake on it digitally.


Yep, nothing but me, a camera, and the obsidian. No mirrors, no jump cuts. I mean I shave my head twice a year by feel anyway and Feburary is usually my month in the winter. I’m not touching the beard tho! And yes, I have hair…

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Nice camera set up.
That seems to fair to me.
A silent person present, just in case you sneeze is prudent and I won’t ding you on that. Just no having your harem shave your head for you or have people giving good advice.
Having had someone try to gesticulate me through sewing a gash on my back once, I know that’s not actually useful.

Looks like the big question is who we both trust to hold the money, and if you know of a good venue to market the final video on.
The second part is mostly a joke, but I’ve seen tiktoks with hundreds of thousands of views for significantly less badass things.

And, do we think 30 days is a reasonable range?
On one hand, this is not a thing to rush.
On the other, I already have outstanding commissions from before the pandemic times.

Also, I feel I should make a blackberry pie in the shape of a bird so I can eat crow if you pull this off without a hitch.

Also, what does your black volcano glass look like?
I do love obsidian.

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