Fighter / Workstation thralls hair changed colour, is this intentional?

Blacksmith Beri now has platinum blonde hair with dark roots as do some other workstation thralls which previously had dark hair. The armourer behind Beri previously had dark hair. Please see screenshot.

A Nordheimer female figher with plaited red/brown hair now also has blonde hair etc…

Is this intentional or do I need to report it as a minor cosmetic bug?

Arena champion got a makeover too. And ran into a giant named priest in new asagarth. Purge sized i suppose lol

Now there are too many blondes xD

So now your ugly stone age toons have bad walmart bottled hair doos.

Hair colors of all characters (NPCs and characters) is changed. it looks like the shader or the texture has changed. The effect is NOT good, hair color looks quite fake, like a toon shader has been applied.

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