Female NPCS spawn rate increase

As the tittle says i’d like to see about as many female npcs as male spawn in the game.


indeed, but since they dont pump their thralls full of drugs like we do the female spawn rate is bout on par with waht nature used to be lol, only excuse i can make for the low spawn rate haha

lol, I see a lot of femal NPCs.

yes there are a lot, but when you look for a special thrall you’ll find a male 4 times out of 5, so then it becomes just time consuming making a 100% female popultation for your base.
Sure not everyone cares about that, but i do :smiley:


Now that you’ve said it, I’ve never seen a high level female NPC

I’ve got a 4…

a Blacksmith, Cook, Carpenter and Armorer.

I would just like to option to clothe my female thralls. Smelting topless seems like a real hazard.


Agreed, that seems to be the more hazardous job that seems to be topless more often then not. My carpenter also like to work topless but I assume that if you can’t keep your bits out from under the saw blade you have more serious issues then being without a shirt.

I personally find that unless they are a named thrall like Freya or Luba the Luscious (who I have yet to actually find to see if this claim is true or not) most female thralls tend to be just archers or fighters I seem to have to kill off (actually murder or just enslave to reset the spawn) many crafters other then cooks to find a female one.

Named Nnpcs ■■■ is sthing else.
Actually, the number of named female is approximately equal to the male number.
This is not what i’m talking about here.
I’m talking about female spawn rate IN GENERAL.
For ex, let’s say you want a female bererker only, so you farm the only place berserkers are.
I can guarantee you that you’l find AT LEAST the double amount of males than female that will spawn there during everysingle one of your “runs”
Same applies to every single NPCS in the game, it’s just the way the spawns are scripted, and i’m sure funcom would confirm it (they scripted it this way probably because they assume barbarians are more commonly male and because our society is more used to seeing males in a fighting contexts).

And, while we’re at it… where are the children thralls!!! Would it be taking things too far to be able to kill and enslave children? Erm… yeah, it probably would. We have enough sickos in the world as it is…:disappointed_relieved:

The wrath of conan kills all children enslavers.

I’m not enslaving. I’m building a town. The wheel is feeding and training my people.

We amazons are a tribe of women.

Is it wrong to enlist darfari women. Their outfits are so cute. The darfari men are annoying. That why the males die.

This is strange, as far as the general npc goes (tier 3 or lower) I find way more female crafters and dancers and way more Male fighters, archers, and priests. When my base had all tier 3 thralls, all of my crafters/dancers were female except 1 Male carpenter. And all my fighters/ archers were Male except 1 female fighter. All together I had 9/10 female crafters and 8/9 male fighters