Server Settings: Gender Spawn Ratio

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I’m not sure if it’s even possible, but seems like a server setting for this would be a good idea.

A server setting with a slider, where you can determine the gender leanings of non-unique thrall NPCs when they spawn.

Currently I believe the system works based on pools. So that you have a pool of Black Hand NPC types, and a unique may be included. If the unique spawns it’s usually a fixed gender.

But when the non-uniques are chosen, they have a chance to be either male or female.

The ability for us to influence this in the server settings would be nice. Especially for those who would rather see an entirely female or male Exiled Lands, for whatever reason.

A single slider based on percent.
Male ---------- Female
Slider position dictates the dominant gender.
At 50% it is equal on both sides.
51% and higher means more males will spawn.
49% and lower means more females will spawn.

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SJW stuff is mostly bulls***. Not sure why you felt the need to bring that up.

Some people may just prefer haivng all female NPCs, or all male ones. Or a population that is more males than females, or more females than males.

Odds are, if a server owner went all (or mostly) female npcs it would be because they are into boobs. Not politics.


There are mods on the steam workshop that change the male/female spawn rates,
they aren’t hard to find.

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To many men spawns really anyway… what limited spawn of females that happen is Water Melons.
Theres alot of setting that could be added…

I’d say i find myself more in Admin panel spawning t3’s 30-40+ trying to get one decent female that isnt rocking Balloons. T_T
Anything below 50% on slider would be nice. I’d say 1 outta 8 is female anyway.

Most of men rock the Balding hair style. (which I think is glitch hair style, as it looks like long hair one, but top of head is bald, and it clips on side of head)

Then again…instead of slider, why not push towards a create a thrall altar we can sacrifice unwanted thralls to, So we can create thralls of are design and vocations. XD
required items and all that fun stuff. XD

Alternatively, instead of a slider and spawn rate, we could get a relatively inexpensive potion or food to feed Thralls.

The Potion/Food of Gender Bending

Thrall uses it, and are remade as the opposing gender using the same racial parameters and random features.

This way, it comes down to player preference, while thralls spawn normally on the server. Since we have a potion for making dicks bigger, this seems like something they should give us as well.

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Cept…Console user kinda get middle finger on this one. =/

I could use this opportunity to proclame PC’s superiority. :slight_smile:

But in reality I believe consoles are just specialized computers, so it would be an empty gesture.
Maybe someday consoles will have better mod opportunities, until then PC people should still be made aware they have options.

Not likely. Sony is extremely ■■■■ about mods. Just look at what they did with Skyrim Special Edition. That and they are also getting ■■■■ about anything that might hurt the children, even if it’s a game specifically designed for adults.

MeToo turned Sony into Nintendo. And Nintendo has become the console where you can get uncensored content now.

Honestly though, they need to give us a potion for this. If they can devote time to fluff additions like the Potion of Endowment, there should be no reason they can’t devote time to an actual useful addition, like a Potion to change your thrall’s gender.

To me…

I had a PC, played LotrO, I grew up on Atari and controllers. So WASD as movement is… just so horrid to me.
Its more about updating PC over and over for me. Your dump a fudge ton of cash (I dont have)
Then fun of setting it up to play on TV, so I can couch game.

Console is just the easy button and cheap. XD

If WASD is what you don’t like, Xbox controllers plug right in to PC via USB port. :smiley:
and conan exiles supports controllers on PC

I started out gaming on a knock off game system that was little more than a square box controller with a little stick that SLID in a + channel on it. Literally forward, backward, left, and right, with a single button. Not a Colecovision.

I’ve had Atari and most systems since that time. So around 30 years of gaming.

That said, I have played on PC. It’s good for some things. Skyrim, large 4X titles like Sins of a Solar Empire, etc.

I used to use WASD for movements, then eventually I shifted to ESDF instead, which should have been the keys used for that purpose anyways. Hard to imagine what those who designed PC games were thinking. WASD is just so unnatural by design.

The middle finger is much more dexterous for switching between ED as opposed to the ring finger and WS.

So now when I PC game, I switch the controls when I first start the game up.

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I prefer female thralls, and I’m as far from an SJW as is possible, lol.

I just shift my entire left hand over one key for movement (index on D),
then back to index finger on F if I need to type.
I’m lazy that way. :wink:

I also started video gaming in the late 1970’s (pong)
then Building my own systems in the early 80’s (i286)
My first computer was Apples A2E didn’t even have a hard drive, everything ran from floppy.

Even on pvp servers I kinda RP as an amazon…
It would be good to see an amazon tribe!

There touchy… I ether have mess with set up over and over and over to get left stick to not be touchy or can’t keybind it right.

I had xbox360, and kept trying to get Oblivion, morrowind (played on xbox, couldnt get into PC version)
I played LotrO via arrow keys and had binding page up and down, insert, keys next to it to make it playable.
Thou, that was back then…

I hear its alot more plug and play now, compared to before when downloading addons and updates to get it to work…

I’d need get alot of cash money to get back into PC gaming.

As for topic at hand. More i think about it. Letting us customize thralls is easy fix. And waste items in process and get us out and farming Bosses and stuff.

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