Thralls needs a rework and buffs

The person who randomize thralls stats needs to be slapped and change thier job at funcom. Sorry if that seems harsh,but fighters are close and archers are range. When a fighter has 100% accurately growth you know the person in charge of thralls stats messed up. Remember Funcom fighters are close up warriors. Archers are range warriors. Accurately is range weapons. Strength is melee weapons. Hopefully funcom can fix this mess up.

We need equal gender spawning rates. Tire of admin command 15 T1-T3 thralls and getting only two female thralls. 50% male and 50% female spaming please.

All T4 thralls has both male and female versions. Equal gender to all thralls.

Negative perks removal (minus from one stat to add to another stat perks). Tired of my thralls fighters getting minus to strength perks.

Gender changing options to thralls. Be able to change the gender of your thralls.

Able to change your thralls looks.

Rework on stat growths for thralls.

Thralls also need a passive exp gain. Also being able to use experience multipliers.

Not a single response. I thought with all the players complaining about thralls in general discussion. That I would get responses.

I prefer to have females.

There where many complain like this. They clearly stated it is intended for variety, so if you get a bad perk you scrap your thrall and start over with a new one. To spice up the pokethrall meta.

I don’t think these surgeries exist in this time period… even if they did I wouldn’t trust a plastic surgeon in a magic desert prison.

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T4 thralls with bad perks= WTF!!! Remember T4 thralls can get bad perks too. Remind me again of timers on T4 thralls. Oh wait it is on the wiki page. Default of 25.8 hours. 8.5 hours with T4 taskmaster. Time wasted is lost forever. Bad perks= bad design choice.

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A T4 thrall with a bad perk isn’t the end of the world. Might not be perfect, but few things in life are.

Why is it whenever I see most of your suggestions, it’s just trying to either make you life more convenient through either this post or suggesting they heavily buff the player. This is a SURVIVAL game, if you get bad perks then so what, it’s something to grind for at end game content. As far as gender equality goes on the matter, there should be more female thralls added but do not make existing name females be able to spawn as males and vice versa. They are named for a reason, they aren’t some generic thrall. If anything, thralls need a nerf seeing as they can reliably 1shot players with melee, 1shot players to the head with bows and 2-3 shot players if they are all body shots. They do need a rework with better ai.

That’s a bit harsh IMO. He did complain about the random stats, true, but many of his suggestions were about diversity and modification to appearance of thralls.

I’m not a fan of the random method of thrall leveling, not because of the inability to make perfectly min-max’d thralls, but the inability to reconcile thralls actions with their growth. i.e. If I take a person out swordfighting every day for a week, I’d expect he’d get better at using a sword and maybe get a little stronger…I’d not expect him to get better with a bow and learn to hold his breath longer. :slight_smile:

I’m very much in favor of less-effective but more nuanced and player-directed/controlled method of advancment for thralls, and even more in favor of optoins to change their appearances. For the latter there are some great mods which make this less of an issue, but it would be nice to have that core function.

As an addition, I’d love to see things about a thrall while in it’s undeployed state (i.e. still in the box). Things like Gender, Faction (is it a Hyrkanian from newb-river, or from the Volcano?), appearance (maybe a tiny mini-doll mouse-over pop-up?)

However, I do not like the idea of passive xp gain for thralls (or players, for that matter).

yes the perks need a fighter/archer rework/split. specific perks per thrall type and not the same perks for all thralls.

some T4 thralls have names which will not work with both genders -> no from my side

no for T4 thralls (reason above) and for T1-T3 this will remove the hunting game. also a no from my side.

why? I see no need for it. thrall leveling is a no brainer and very quick, even with default settings.

Sit down and listen for awhile. Max clan size is 10. 10 player clan can go thrall exp grinding. 10 player clan can afford to get bad thralls. 10 player clan can level 10 thralls at once. The thrall system has just gave alpha clans a HUGE lead in power. That is why thralls need a passive exp gain. You can rename thralls so a 50/50 gender ratio gender doesn’t matter on the default name for T4 thralls. Thralls need to change thier ugly default face. When 50 thralls look the same.

a 10 player clan has 10 players and is already superior to a single player, even passive thrall xp doesn’t change that. the loss of content and i count the leveling of a thrall as content, i personally find worse than a small plaster on a big flesh wound. I stick with no

sure I can rename it but a thrall still have a name when I spot it in the wild and a female thrall called hubert sounds not correct.

we have only a few thralls which are very specific and you have to catch exactly this thrall (e.g. bonus recipes) and with all your other thralls you are free to search and catch what ever you like.

Does it matter the name? For me no. Change it. 50/50 gender ratio adds to the thralls. I spawn in 15 thralls and got 2 female T3 thralls clearly we need a 50/50 gender ratio. A passive exp gain helps small clans and solo players. In offline solo player mode ps4 I lack an auto thrall level up. Thralls right now only have x1 from killing something if they follow you. Thralls right now gets 0 exp from killing if they don’t follow you. I tested this. So yeah we need passive exp gain for thralls.

it is still a no from my side because for me, and I’m sure all the fine RP people will join me, the name and gender combination of free thralls matters. so no

thrall leveling is easy and I did not need further assistance for such a simple task. also no thx

maybe as feature toggles but to be honest I would prefer that funcom spends the time which is needed for such a feature to improve the thrall AI and not for immersion breaking feature toggles

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