Any female undead?

I’ve searched around and seen people talking about it not mattering what body you used it always be male, has that changed at all? Any mods for females? Figure to ask before getting into sorcery for necromancy. :joy:

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I would have sworn there is a female zombie model that doesn’t have a bare chest


There is. However, I haven’t used zombies in a while (I just don’t like using them for numerous reasons), so I can’t confirm if that’s still the case. If they’re only spawning as male, it’s likely a bug… or a conflicting mod since OP is on pc.


I haven’t tried sorcery yet, just doing research on it before trying, thanks for letting me know there is a female variant.

Didn’t see any mentions of one searching with Google or admin panel. :joy:

Aren’t the zombie followers based on the thralls you take to the shallow grave?

If you take a female thrall there you get a female zombie?

I haven’t tried it myself but that’s how I thought it worked.

That’s how I though too, but any of the posts I’ve looked at were old and said only males worked. :rofl:

I’ve got two thralls in the shallow grave right now but did it ages ago. Don’t remember what gender they were when I buried em. :thinking:

Use berserkers when you do it. They give the best stats. Just know, the time spent trying to get the “perfect” one is pointless. They only last about three IRL days.


Yes. You’ll get what you “dig in”.
Zombies with war party are 4 on following, so i guess you’ll have fun with it :wink:.

Have a nice start. Undead rhino is one mount you should really rely on minion fights.

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I always just count it as two days.

Set up a small grave yard around mounds with 2-4 shallow graves (any more is just overkill IMHO). Each can store five unconscious Beserkers (alternatively you can actually break them on a WoP and then place the inventoried thrall in there to get more in each shallow grave but unconscious NPCs are limited to 5 (if memory recalls).

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I also rather run around with a badass looking thrall rather than zombies… but to each their own. Just my personal preference.

I flip flop between. If I’m playing sorcery authority, I’m playing a necromancer and so start with the greater bear (because deformed skin is so freaking cool for the build) and then work my way towards zombies. In a pinch, you got 20 level 20’s in reserve. I’m tempted to see how a hoard of zombie defenders go against the purge.


Tried it out with an extra Berserker I had lying around… It’s cool to have the instant levels, but the appearance of the zombies it kind of bland with all the mods I have for editing thrall appearances and accessories, :sweat_smile:

Would be cool if we had a mod with additional looks and modifiable female zombies… Sorcery is fun, but necromancy is kind of wasted imo.

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