Could we talk about Dancer Stats?

Now I will be the one to admit I do not know about dancers enough to know ok from good but I can see with just a few test subjects that Named Dancers are less in many ways then T3 dancers. So here are a few to look over.

Please tell me what you all are finding as I am very much thinking that at the moment till we get a fix or find out what causes this, I am in the mind to stop looking for the named dancers I like to have at my bases and just leave dancers not a thrall level at the moment.

I really would like to know what everyone one else is finding, have I just gotten a bad roll with the named ones??? Or is something messed up in the way they calculate them per T1 though T3?

Oyvind Tall-tree - Tier 4 Entertainer - Purge An army of nordheimers

Varkin Fleetfoot - Tier 4 Entertainer NPC of the Lemurians Faction - found at Pagoda of Boundless

Pretty sure he was gotten in Set City from the Bar where you find you know who ( no spoilers here lol)

Gotten at the same little camp by lake you can find Janos

One obvious thing is that a T4 thrall with 37 vitality has over 2,000 less health than a T3 thrall with 26 vitality. That is completely backwards. You see the same thing with bearers, but on a much larger scale (where a T4 bearer will have 5K health and a lower faction T3 bearer will have 20K health).


First of all its not a certain stat is the over all thrall. I also have been testing T3 against T4 of other types in the others comments for a bit and really do understand some thralls naturally start out with better base stats therefore should become at level 20 better thralls but that does not hold true to all T4 thralls thoughout all factions. Most level 3 thralls from the same faction will beat out many of the named from that same faction easy.

Both of the named dancers came from within the same area as the other dancers. I am not saying the Named are bad but I am saying that the T3 to be better and that seems back wards to me.

So what have you found with your dancers?

Nope still not always true, depends on the thrall and what it gets for perks and others things. Look below. Sure not a cimmerian but not found many better thralls then this guy and got him in a purge on newb rivers.

Filetooth is a named, Tier 4 Fighter of the Darfari Cannibals gotten in a Purge Type: A horde of darfari cannibals (Ostriches)

Can I guess that Filetooth is as Broken as the Cannibal Brute or Teimos, as far as HP/Point goes anyway.

Yes for sure he is broken far as I can see, its so random across the board that I can not find a way to really know just what we have for a thrall when you start. I mean I do not mind a bit of a surprise but when I have hunted for a certain thrall for 2 weeks or some of them longer you can farm for them and then you get crap, I just do not understand why I guess.

I have not found a Teimos but do have one Cannibal Brute not leveled yet will have to test him out next I guess.

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