Something is broken with bearer thralls

So I have two bearers, a Hyborian Bearer 3 from a Dafari camp, and Eina the Light, from the Black Galleon. Neither are top-end thralls, and neither are max level. However, both have similar vitality. The T3 bearer has 34 vitality, the T4 bearer has 32.

For that 34 vitality, the T3 bearer is getting a 20,563 health bonus, which comes out to 604 health per point of vitality. For the T4, however, they are getting a 3,686 health bonus. That comes out to 115 health per point of vitality.

This means a T3 thrall is getting 500% more health per point of vitality than at T4 thrall. How in the world does this make any sense? So I’m back to the question raised by another poster here. Does anyone at Funcom actually know how to use Excel? Seriously. I’m asking.


Well its not just he bearers I am finding all T3 are as good as if not much better then T4 thralls.

That may be, but something is off-the-charts broken with bearers. A T3 thrall from a Dafari camp with 22K health? That is beyond ridiculous. I’m not arguing that the T4 bearers should be boosted up. I’m saying the lower tier bearers should be nerfed deep, deep into the ground.

is it possible the experience point to stats relationship is different for the different tiers, and that as more experience is aqcuired the T4 would outpace the T3 in terms of stat progression?

My first named bearer, she stands in my bar where she has been for weeks not like she has a chance up north.

Far as I can tell all named bearers are not great at all. Sure not like they used to be.

That would require some seriously bizarre progression. The T3 thrall is level 18, the T4 is level 12. Around level 12, that T3 thrall had less vitality and something like 16K health, IIRC. Even with perks, I doubt the T4 will break 10K. And that’s fine. My main point is that it’s fantastically stupid for any bearer to have >20K health.

In fairness, bearers are used to carry stuff around, not fight, so I don’t see why they should have high health. Yes, you want them to be able to survive a hit or two, but using them as fighters is broken IMO. I realize people were doing that in the past, when T4s had 9,500 health and had a higher damage multiplier than fighters, but that was clearly broken too.

A T4 bearer with 5-8K health seems perfectly reasonable to me. The lower tiers should simply scale down, though. And right now, they definitely do not.

Well my bearers do not get in the fight, I myself use fighter thralls for that but I used to use them to transport only between camps after update in December but with saber tooth and the fact that more corrupted wolves and other animals around well death is pretty easy to come, I have seen corrupted wolves eat at 5000 hp bearer a few times since last update.

You had me until the excel dig (valid points can sometimes be derailed by extraneous thinly veiled comments). At any rate, yeah it seems odd.

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Nothing thinly veiled about it. I’m serious. This is extremely basic stuff that would pop out on even the most simple type of spreadsheet where you have tables of the various types of thralls, their core stats and multipliers. It’s like they do this stuff, but don’t actually analyze the changes that they’re making to see if they make sense or not.

This is an extremely simplified version of what I’m talking about, but a spreadsheet that lists each faction, tier, damage modifier, health modifier and other basic stats. If you look at this, you’re telling me something wouldn’t immediately pop out at you? And if they don’t have spreadsheets like this, then that’s a problem all on its own.

Annotation 2020-01-17 111645

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My suspicion is that somewhere between Excel and Unreal Engine, the health mods all got shifted up one row and a T1’s health mod ended up getting row-shifted to where the T4’s should be. The reason I think this is because we’ve seen similar instances of thrall names getting botched before with all the Nyle Wolf-Pelt (purge tanners) suddenly having their names become Donia Keeper of the Riddle of Steel (purge BSs).

Not knowing the nature of the bug, it’s hard to say if it’s like you show in your Excel snippet or if it’s something that’s getting lost on the import.


And you totally are right about being serious, the SUPERFICIALITY of certain bugs is OBVIOUS.

I’m curious, is this observation true across factions, or is this relegated to a particular faction?

In my case, these two bearers are different factions. The T3 came from a Dafari camp, the T4 was Black Hand. I did just recently get Fairin (Cimmerian faction), but I’m hesitant to put him down because I’m concerned that whatever fixes they may make (big emphasis on “may”) won’t be retroactive. And I really don’t need multiple T4 bearers running around either. One is enough for my purposes.

I guess someone who’s really enterprising could go into single player, spawn a bunch of different faction bearers at different tiers, force them up to level 20 and see what happens. Kind of sounds like a Firespark81 video to me.

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My guess is also, that sth is broken and that the stats from T3 should be T4 and from T2 should be T3.

@Hugo could you ask the devs about the named bearer?

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No need to take dig… Though perhaps you should become a back-end developer since you’re a whiz at excel, and that’s obviously all there is to it.

Well accusing incompetence is likely not going to be helpful. There are many ways in life that mistakes happen and we all make them. When under the pressure of an immovable deadline, things can happen that are unintended. If it were as simple as “I look at one spreadsheet all day and it is never wrong” I might be inclined to agree, but I think you arent giving enough leeway. ALL of us make mistakes. I only hope when I make them that people don’t rub my nose in it and instead calmly say, “I think I may have uncovered a mistake”. There’s no need to beat people up over things.


Kind of my point there. You don’t need to be a “whiz at Excel”, you need a QA team and enough time allocated for testing before you release changes.

I’m completely willing to cut them some slack on complex issues like server performance, memory management and mob AI. But this kind of stuff? And issues with basic functionality, like T3 and T4 thralls in cratfing tables? These are is the sort of problems that should have been caught in testing – and fixed – before the update was released.

What would like I really like to see from Funcom at this point? For them to take a beat, stop with “new” development and focus on fixing bugs and QoL improvements. That wouldn’t impact DLCs, which are cosmetic, but no new dungeons, no new systems or completetly revamping existing systems, just fix the very many things that are currently broken or half-baked. Get the ship righted and stable, and then move forward.

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But fixing bugs alone does not generate revenue. I’m all for fixing bugs in parallel, but they need to release content to drive new sales. I dont think “Buy Conan! Now with less bugs!” sells quite as many copies as “Buy Conan! Now includes sorcery!”

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Last I checked on Bearers, specifically T4, they only deployed as the Exile Faction (15 Vitality 30 Survival), are they actually coming out with different Faction’s stats now?

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