Entertainers as non-combat thralls

It would be nice if entertainer thralls weren’t combat thralls. If there was a “station” that you assigned them too like other non-combat thralls and if you stand within range of the station it reduces corruption. Entertainer thralls aren’t well supported because they have terrible damage multipliers, and they don’t have the extra space of bearers, so they are just follower limit -1.

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I find having a well equipped T4 dancer useful in situations where corruption gain is likely, other than that I agree with you.

My Lords,

I trained dancers to lvl 20 and they are able to fight in donjons even with 2H swords. They are very usefull during fights where bosses give corruption!!!
These dancers could be assassins of course, but they can be wardancers too!!

I agree to improve their damage multipliers, why not…
What I will desagree is to make them to station rôles

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I disagree with having an entertainer at a work station. The ONLY thrall that I take with me to run UC, or the Sunken Pit is an entertainer (Luba Luscious). So much easier than popping potions when fighting the Red Mother, the Demon Bat and the Giant Snake (I don’t have room for another item in radial menu). If you want to have a work station for your entertainers, create one. They already remove corruption if you are in their proximity irregardless if they are following or on guard.

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Oh yeah. I would love to see some pole dancers :smile:.


I do love to fight alongside these entertainers!!!

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With a set of legendary knives, the 20 stack of bleed is good enough for me, I don’t have to worry about hitting her or having issues with her getting between me and a boss as her rolls keep her out of the way 99% of the time. I personally don’t mind being the “hero”. It’s the way I have played all of my life.


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