Post patch, Entertainers do what again?

Now that we can no longer heal with food, or with the Soothing buff, I was wondering how this is going to effect the Entertainer’s.

If you stand near an entertainer they increase your health regeneration by a certain percentage. But if you’re not currently healing that percentage is 0.

So when it comes to healing, are they only useful if you drink an aloe potion while standing right next to them?

Are dancing thrall’s going to be relegated to anti-corruption only thralls now? And if so, what’s the advantage of a T4 thrall over a T1 thrall?

Well, entertainers now can do Snake dance and Belly dance… xD


and jiggle a lot


Yes, watching my male entertainers do the snake dance is a bit…disturbing.

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Entretainers should inspire, not heal.

For real??? OMG finally!!!

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Just make cleansing brew. Then you don’t need entertainers at all.

a T4 thrall will heal your corruption a fraction of a second faster then the T1

There is none now. Also all of the t4 thralls are bald, and have small breasts and penis’s. I sent them all to Valhalla.

I stopped collecting entertainers quite some time ago for pretty much exactly the same reason.

They’re functionally useless and they aren’t even good eye candy as far as my subjective standards are concerned.

Also, I think most of the dances look silly.

Their usefulness is in proportion to their endowment.
The more endowed they are , the more they interact with gravity.

Interacting with gravity is a great source of inspiration. Ask Newton. He knows what’s real.


There was non even before the Siptah release. The difference in corruption cleansing speed was laughable.

A T4 thrall is more survivable if you need to bring one to a dangerous place with you.

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