More Entertainment Options for Entertainers

I think it’s fair too for entertainer thralls to be added with more than the ability to dance. After all they are called ‘performers’ or ‘entertainers’ at the first place, right? :yum:

What am I suggesting furthermore that they too can, perhaps:

  1. balancing with daggers
  2. making the magic trick of ‘where’s the ball at the palm’
  3. miming around :rofl:
  4. igniting the non-residual ‘magic paper’
  5. flame-spewing from the mouth
  6. ball/object balancing
  7. sword swallowing :scream:
  8. bowing to you (all the way to the ground) when the are near you

P/S :This idea of mine is just for the sake of jest :sweat_smile:. Any other opinions are highly appreciated.


IIRC expanding the Entertainer repertuar is and has been on the want to do list of the developers.
It’s just not a high priority, these are all excellent suggestions and would add much to the game.

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Jeeze! I can’t believe I’m a girl and I’m the first one that’s going to make the obvious reference, but yeah, let’s “expand” the entertainment options. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

But seriously we should at least have the option to choose which dance they do. And just for the ladies, could we have male entertainers who flex and hold poses instead of dance? That snake dance on the guys just looks silly.


At the very least I think entertainer thralls should have access to all of the dances in the game rather than just the two.

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I was wondering why there aren’t any musicians, its weird seeing someone dance and there’s no music, it would be nice if we could choose which type of entertainer we want or it could be random and then make various instruments for them to play at the Artisan workstation. Maybe have 1 or 2 preset songs that they play.


Or how about juggling? They’ve already got the emote it shouldn’t be too hard to apply it to the dancers.

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