Naming thralls?

This is not about T4’s specifically. What I would like is to be able to name the “generic” thralls the same way we’re able to do with animals (and chests and other placeables). Whether Archer III or the now-famous Sepermeru “Captain”, I think it would be a neat little thing to be able to do this. It wouldn’t necessarily need to be visible to others, though preferably it would be.

I do seem to remember something about this being asked about or mentioned previously, so I guess I’d just like to suggest it, possibly “again”, to see where we are on this.

Update: As per @Padchi below, have renamed thralls have a small icon or similar, so other players can see it was renamed, and what class it originally was (fighter/archer/bearer/dancer).


I’d love to be able to name thralls (including T4s though). It would probably need to be a toggle in server settings (off by default) so it doesn’t cause confusion on official servers, but for private servers and especially RP ones it would be a major boon.


I disagree on the “off by default” on officials, if so they might as well not bother to implement it (I play officials, so obviously I’d think so :)). T4’s should be renameable too, I just meant that this wasn’t only about T4’s.

How about naming thralls and that they have a small icon above the name, just like bosses have now. To indicate that it’s a archer lvl X


I’m all for having it enabled by default, but I can imagine the outcry it may cause :wink:

That would be good solution, agreed.

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yea i was pleasantly surprised after coming back i could rename chests and crafting stations. thralls would be fun too!

I can side either way on renaming T4’s.

On one hand, knowing what you are fighting helps when raiding.
On the other hand, being able to cloak level 1’s in with the big boys and letting the raider find out the hard way which ones are Captains after being wrecked with a star metal war-hammer would be amusing:)

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Maybe they are treated like signs to avoid abusive language. I can see my thrall names , and others can choose to see only clan ones or all names.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking (the second part). You won’t know how hard someone is until you fight them! Though I could accept people being allowed to turn it off if it was enough of a PvP concern.

I’m not sure I buy the abusive language argument, considering we can already name Pets, and people are getting away with building huge structures of hateful symbols on public servers.

This is a game with gory violence, dismemberment, nudity, cannibalism, sacrificing human body parts to alien gods - and we’re worried about bad language? The existence of a profanity filter in this context offends me more than any word caught by said filter ever could.


Agree. Don’t forget pet, id, crafting station, clan name, and character name. It is already in place for trolls. So whats one more way to see a vulgar of offensive remark :slight_smile:

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I think there are two reasons why they didn’t implemented names for Thralls till now:

  1. They want to avoid any issues with the currently system for their T4 Thralls. The specific feature of these Thralls is that they are named. Actually Players will only notice them by name. If also T1 - T3 Thralls will have a Name this System of notification will be disturbed.
    To allow names on other Thralls they first have to change this system.
  2. It’s another feature which will influence server/client communications.

I myself would love to have the ability to name Thralls. The benefit of a better longtime motivation makes it worth to deal with it.
So I would suggest:

  1. Change the system - for T4 leave the names, give the possibility to change this names or not, but add another graphical sign, that takes care of this system of notification.
  2. don’t care about - you did it with Pets, workstations… do it!!!

Please and thank you!


Consider voicing your support here, too :slight_smile:


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Hmm. The server I play on allows for the renaming of thralls. I didn’t realise that this was not possible in vanilla.

As a fun experiment I was thinking of renaming all of my captains and volcano thralls “Dafari Exile IiI” just to confuse any would be attacker. Or maybe call all of the fighters archers and vice versa.

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