Renaming our thralls

We can rename our pets, what if we could rename our thralls the same way we can pets?

It could be fun.


AS fun as that would be, it needs to be an option in server settings. Thrall ID is important in raiding a base on PVP. IT lets one know the challenge ahead. But i am all for a PVE/PVE-C setting.

Or, it needs to have the thralls original name displayed below somehow.


Ah, but maybe that would be part of the fun… Is that “Bob” really a “T4 Captain”? Or is the real “Bob” using his thralls to pull an “I am Spartacus” and hiding among a bunch of T1 trash?

Maybe just have it so we have the borders on the HP bars reveal what tier the thrall is(So we won’t know until we hit it with an arrow or something as we wouldn’t see the HP bar until after we damaged it.)

Just think of the opportunities for misdirection it would bring… (And the added importance of scouting ahead to probe the defenses before a raid.)


i like it. Very outside the box and creative.

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Yes I like this too, adding some tactics sense to pvp is always a good idea !


Lol, Bob the thrall. :smiley:


Must always be careful of Bob

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And his friend Neil.
Never trust Neil and Bob. They suck.


Maybe be able to name lvl’s 1-3 thralls but not named thralls since they already have a name


But even some of the “named” thralls have some pretty generic sounding names…

Who names their kid “Bandit Leader” anyways? Or “Captain” anyways?


You realize those aren’t names, they are titles?

I don’t think this should be allowed. If you can raid another player’s base to steal their thralls, for example, it becomes a much larger pain in the ■■■ if they clone names of T4 thralls on their T1s, which are super easy to get and break.

It’s just something to irritate people more than anything else.

I already came up with a solution for picking out which ones are T4 and which ones are T1 though… (The HP bar being different when you actually fight them.) So for instance if the “Captain” you’re fighting doesn’t have yellow HP bar it’s probably not a real T4 Captain.

So you’d actually have to do some probing of the defenses… shoot a thrall with an arrow and see what it’s HP bar looks like instead of just blindly going by the name.

Renaming would be very helpful because you can know where an attack happened from event log, and for the sake of fun aswell, I name all my pets, undead are being a joy aswell (Skull, Patrik S, Tuntancámon).

Another really cool thing we could name are weapons, that regular Iron Sword you crafted past lvl 10, wouldnt be nice giving it a name? This is a detail that adds a lot in the long run, imagine finding a long lost weapon. It adds intimity.

How about an ability of recognition? To recognise a thrall for their outstanding effort and skill, we can name them the moment they enter their 4th level. This would essentially need a way to have our thralls level up. Level 4 thralls from the wild would come with predetermined names, so we wouldn’t be able to change them.

Sadly I don’t see the new names showing up in the logs when I rename my pets.(So I don’t think it would be any different for our thralls if we could rename our thralls.)

You’re right, the names we give doesnt show on the log, only their original names, good point.

Yet, I believe that wouldnt be hard for the devs to do, since player names can be shown im sure the same way could be with them, for example Cimmerian Berzerker “Knut” died for player “XxGotchaxX”.

You, sir/madam/whichever title you prefer, deserve a heart for the movie reference alone. And for naming your thrall Bob. And for this suggestion, too, which I very much approve ansd support.

I would have named them Bandit Noways, and Captain Someways.

First, Bob is a greater hyena, so I just wanted to put that out there. He was my bestest friend in the early days. He’ll be 1 in October. His friend Ruprict the white wolf will be 1 in November.

Naming our thralls would be great. I realize PvP has a issues with it, but why not just turn the function off for them? Or, you could make it impossible to rename a named thrall, or use a named thrall’s name.

Maybe just rename named thralls, with their type below them. That way you can tell if it is a mounds or volcano named.