Renaming Thralls

Please add a feature that would allow us to rename the thralls upon enslaving them. I think it would be hilarious to find “Lil Joey” several weeks after being raided and returning him to where he belongs. It could create a pretty fun experience.


That wouldn’t be a good idea, you would find thralls named Adolf Hitler, Trump, Hillary, Kim jon ung and so on. You can spawn in “special” thralls on private servers, but not on official ones.

Agreed, though I think the names people create would be much worse and more… Insultingly colorful.

On the other hand, having 10 Gal’o’the spear and 10 Gel waverider is also a little odd. Perhaps there is a mid ground.

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If I have learned anything from online gaming, it is that there is most definitely not a mid ground. I would love to see a selectable list of names perhaps, and keep the control in the hands of the developers. Maybe that could work.


But that is a mid ground. It gives some flexibility in naming, but doesn’t allow for rampant abuse.

I like that idea as well and think it would work.

I’m sorry, I meant no mid ground with players, lol.

As someone who’s not easily insulted, I like the idea of letting the players choose. It would be quite enjoyable to see Taylor Swift charging after you with a spear, howling obscenities. :sweat_smile:

(also this should be in the Suggestions part of the forums)

having random name generated for no names thralls (1,2,3, berserkers etc…) could be cool, and make them less impersonal.

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Agreed. As is I try for just named thralls, because seeing Darfari Archer III just seems lame… I wanna name him Steve!

One of my clan mates just asked me if she could rename the bearer. I chuckled, and had to say ‘sadly, no’. We will still call her Sherpa.

Actually… In the Admin panel, they are listed as Sherpa as their type.

It is refreshing to have a thread that isn’t so angry as the others! Anyway…

I had the realization that a bearer is just a fighter with a fancy hat. I tested this by having an archer I act as my bearer, and i recommend doing that instead of using bearers. An archer will not foolishly run into melee with the enemy, getting killed and dooming you to that long, sexy, slow walk home over encumbered. An archer will stay back and shoot, and thus avoid your blows.

I love the bearer idea! Especially for transporting thralls from a wheel to a base. They are just better as a ranged fighter type.


I totally agree with you, we ourselves have several T4 Thralls with the same name, mostly due to the fact we raid Asgard quite a bit since our base is so close.

Also the fact about, let us call it “non-suitable” names, is something worth considering.

What about having like a dynasty of T4 with specialisation, like a “Woodshaper” dynasty with a basically endless stream of first names. It would spice up the variants without lossing us to keep track of their abilities when consulting guides like this one:

Lexa’s Conan Exiles Guide


I admit that the entire issue of ‘inappropriate’ names had not occurred to me. In this day of political correctness, fear of offending anyone for any reason, I suppose that even a game that has players beating women over the head with truncheons and enslaving them so they can dance nude for them has to consider such nonsense.

OK, ok fine. sighs

I suppose I’m just not that afraid of trolls. I very much enjoy the fact that this game has an adult aspect to it, and is not aimed at eight year olds.


I played ARK for 2 years.

Never seen a Dino named after any celebrity, except Marylin Manson and Peter Griffin.

But then I played with a central european crowd. We’re more into engineering names like “680Melee58KHP”

Great idea, but I can see what people mean about obnoxious names. But then maybe just apply some generic filters? I currently refer to all my thralls as Dave, or Davina and I would love to give them names and mebbe a bit of backstory.

I think coming up with a filter for custom thrall names would be a frivolous use of Funcom resources right now. I do like the idea of being able to rename thralls though. Maybe allowing the person to make a one time name change once it’s broken on the wheel would work…

One problem or source of fun could be when people name their thralls after another player on the server. People could be framed…

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I will have pics to prove I beat Barnes then! :smiling_imp:

Would be cool, because i think I will have soon many Gall of Speardin.^^
On the other hand there will be many horrible names then.
I once saw a building with a sign named Auswitz, I can imagine how this guy would name his thralls. xD

I want to rename my cutie Thrall “Nancy” :3