Naming Thralls... Sensibly

Well, this idea’s been batted around a few times, always met with “No way, players would totally abuse that”, and those critics of this idea are absolutely right. So, we just need to outsmart the abusers.

So how about we simply make it so the custom names of thralls are only viewable by oneself and fellow clan-mates? That way it’s easier for you and your friends to tell your thralls apart, mark your favorites, and you don’t inadvertently break immersion with other players who probably wouldn’t be quite as amused to see your castle being guarded by the Spice Girls. To the random passersby, it’s just another exile on guard duty.


As soon as I get my computer back I need to make this happen.


Do you have a mod that allows naming or will you name some pets … and if pets …what kind for which spice girl ?

No naming mod, unfortunately - but I was thinking of using CharEditLite to modify a few thralls’ looks to resemble the quintet.

Although the pet idea is funny in its own way. I have plenty of spare rocknoses from the time I was farming for gold-veins.

I have the teenage mutant ninja shalebacks and the seven dwarf-crocodiles myself. Oh and not forgetting Whinnie the Pooh bear and Ebony + Ivory Rhinos, and Bacon the Boar. Marmalade the tiger and Marmite the panther.


Testerle has a mod for renaming Thralls -> “Better Thralls”. It also allows to pickup placed fighters.

They could also Change the Thrall’s Tier indication to be beside their classification (Fighter/Archer etc)

So instead of the name just being “Stygian Bearer III” under that it would read “Bearer III” and named thralls would be like “Vanos” Fighter VI the same could be changed to the “Cannibal Brutes” “Cimmerian Beserkers” etc I see sometimes that have the same heath indicator as a named, but have no custom name. Also if players want to name thier thralls memes, or edgy names like Adolf Hitler, let them, it dosn’t change much of anything, considering you can do the same with a pet.

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To Clarify I havn’t actually named a pet Adolf Hitler, but my Bf named one of our pets Alex Jones, to annoy me.

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What if said pet/thrall was genocidal, that would be a fitting name. A pet/thrall with that name would make the owner a bit of a target among certain people.

I have a Rocknose on my SP save called Mr. Fluffles though, just for how bizarre that name is for a Rocknose.

I would if I could, name this tier 1-3 entertainer nord thrall that spawns up north, that has this one appearance that spawns with darker emo like hair, and a near maxed breast slider, I use to call her the BTGGF as a joke among my friends, and thier first responce to wanting to name thralls, was I just wana name her that, and I don’t see whats wrong with that, its literally a jokey funny name for the entertainer that sits in my room.

Another option:
Multiple choice drop down menu with names.

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No, that sorta thing in games is limiting, honestly I’m not sure why people get so upset about people giving memy edgy nicknames to their pets in games.

I think, that’s one of the reason we can’t.
While there is of course nothing wrong with your choice if your run your own server, a singleplayer game. Some want enjoy see similar names on all servers they join.

Also some privat servers may want more lore related names, and so on. That’s up to each, and all choices should be possible depending servers, and amin-choice.

I think, on official servers maybe like Nuria suggested well, a drop down menu would be way the better and smarter choice.

I think as long as only you and your clan-mates can see the names, then you could name them whatever you want. It wouldn’t make sense, anyhow, for strangers to simply know who your thralls are (except for the well-known uniquely-named thralls, famed for their expertise in various fields). More than anything, being able to label your thralls helps with management.

Compromise: A dual-naming system, like in Dragon’s Dogma, where you can make any name you want for your thralls, that you and your clan-mates can see, and a second name from a dropdown list that non-clan-mates can see, to keep it lore-friendly but still give you an option for public presentation of your thrall collection.


I agree, this looks to me like a very viable solution giving the less troubles on populated servers. :heartbeat:

We can already name pets whatever we want and Ragnarok hasn’t happened yet…


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