Thrall name customization

Can we please have renaming thralls just as you can rename pets?
Coming across an enemy camp or your own with 10x versions of one named thrall (Freya, Sayd etc.) takes you out of it…

Custom named thralls are also a fun way to keep track of who’s stolen your thrall (so long as they don’t rename it)


No just go back and not be able to have more then one of eatch named thralls!

I was thinking this exactly. I mean you can name pets, so why not thralls? Who wants 4 Stygian Fighter II’s or Darfari Archer III’s or whatever walking around? It gets confusing. lol


What, per server? Otherwise, what would that help? You’d still have multiples of every thrall if every player can have them.

hm o ment is that make named thralls unik so a clan can only use one at the time!

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