I can name my pets, why can't I rename thralls?

Title says it all. I mean, Obviously named thralls would be set in stone, but it’s kinda weird to walk around and see your friends in camp names, but then see “Zamorian Bearer III”


Probably for the benefit of PvPers. When they see a pet tiger, they’ll know it’s a pet tiger even if it’s name is Bob, but if they see a thrall dressed in Stygian armor named “Jim the Clown” they’ll assume it’s a T4.

Of course, this logic isn’t exactly waterproof, as a “Cimmerian archer II” caught in the Volcano has pretty different stats from a “Cimmerian archer II” caught in the Black Galleon. Same as how the reason we can’t have cosmetic armor skins is how PvPers need to “see what they get”, but we have identical-looking regular and Epic versions of the same armors with a huge difference in stats.

The ability to name our thralls is actually the next big thing on my wishlist. I hope they’ll figure out how to make it possible without upsetting PvPers.

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I like this idea, but I think it’s to keep from having thralls disguised. Because thralls vary so much in their difficulty and capability, you would have no idea who you’re up against. If it was Bob The Beer Drinker thrall.

Plus some of the names would be out of control, do you think Slade by “I drink paint”

I mean, that’s all assuming that everyone attempts to do it that way. but even in a PVP stand point, I don’t see how that would matter. If you think you’re going up against a named thrall, youd prepare better and if it ended up being worse, you’d simply be happy. lmao.

I agree it’s functionality that needs to be added. I just think it’s interesting, and will be comical to see the variety that comes from it. I would like to name my personal thralls. Based off their experience or their role,

Bob the dragon slayer,
Jeff I’m going to kill you
I know where you live

All interesting names I would like to make thralls

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those are some pretty ballin names my dude.

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Data wise, it could mean having to store that info, and load it separately. First i have to load the thralled ID, then load in the name list and match it. Wouldn’t be an issue if players had 10-20 thralls, but people with 100’s of thralls would affect render performance. May seem small, but the more small unnecessary (as in not game breaking features) that are added the more overall load on rendering it becomes. And on PVP side, i would just name all my thralls like they are from the Volcano, or vice versa, build a sandstone shack and name all them Dafari Fighter I and watch as noobs get owned over and over.

Naming Thralls should be a thing, and once you put a name, the original name would be under the one you give’em, like this,

Claude the Wise
Stygian Archer lll

But, now with Thrall leveling comming with the next update, we shall see how they will be labeled, yet, naming them would be very helpful still.


that would be okay.

Because not allowing rename thralls saves me the effort to go to all my clanmates bases and rename ALL their artisans into something like : " mysterycrafter" or “hahaguesswhat ido” or “guesswhogame” etc … resulting at the end of my clan XD

I want to name my thrall with rank and name :smiley: plz give us this :slight_smile:

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