Namming Thralls

I think it would be a nice idea to be able to name your thralls, I tend to set up specific thralls for certain tasks, I’d like to be able to give them names like how you can name storage chests and crafting benches. Obviously this might be a problem as the Tier 4s are already named and this could cause issues, likely why this hasn’t been done.


Yeah, I like being able to name things in-game.

Front Door Guard, Tower 1 Guard.

That would definitely be cool.

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yes plz

time to rename my t4 volcano thrall to Zamorian Exile II


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Therein lies the issue with renaming, there would have to be a blacklist of names, and/or mark their tier after their name so people can’t do that. This is why I believe that renaming thralls hasn’t been implemented yet as it’s far too easy to trick people if it were possible, the PVP implications would be severe.

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I would definerelly resurect Vathis , and just for the lols i would rename EVERY artisan of all my clanmates into names like :“goodluck withwhaticraft”, or “counthowmanybenchesuwill trymeon” and so on …Xddd

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