Thrall rank and name

I would like to see thrall levels adjusted to a 1-10. Such as the 2 named archers in the volcano area would be 10s.
hyborian archer 3 in the volcano area 9
nordheimer archer 3 to 8
Devotee to 7
Dafari archer 1 to be 1
Etc, and do the same with fighters.
The new ranking would show up under the name in parentheses. This would free up the top line for a custom name. Maybe through some difficult recipe.

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This seems like two suggestions in one:

  1. Expansion of the ranks (greater gradation, basically)
  2. The far more radical “custom names for thralls”.

Neither of which are necessarily needed for the other to work.
Problem with the custom names is the same it is for any game with custom naming (official servers with no oversight compounds this issue). But to be fair we already have signs that enable us to write just about anything on them, so it’s not really a new thing. Then again, neither is the idea of custom names - not sure if it’s ever been “officially” addressed before?

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