Thrall individuality

Anyone else noticed that the thralls no longer have a randomly generated appearance and most the thralls now kinda look like they got clubbed in the face with an ugly truncheon?

Yes; they have now a unique appearance, which makes sense for named thralls.
But at the same time i liked the idea of finding a better looking taliha goldfinger or mandughai 100 arrows…it was kinda challenging/fun to me and overall it was a never ending hunt lol.

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Yes, I wish they would put them back the way they where appearance wise

They will probably release the t4 thrall’s face in release.

The t4 faces currently look all same now lol

Yes, I’ve definitely noticed the named thralls with the eyes set to extreme width. It was jarring the first time I got close and noticed it. I am thinking that this is a bug.

Collecting rare thralls has always been among my favorite things to do in CE and fits well with my main role play of being a purveyor of the finest exotic goods (including thralls). It was even more thrilling to collect different “versions” of said thralls.

I do not like this change to a fixed look for named thralls at all. Does it make sense? To me, only partially. If only one aspect of a named thrall exists on a server then it makes sense. But when there are hundreds of Daya Leaddrinker, for example, on a server, having them all look identical does not make nearly as much sense in my opinion. I truly hope that this particular change is reverted.