Level 4 NPCs have ugly deformed faces!

Game mode: [Singleplayer, current live version]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Everywhere]

Level 4 NPCs have ugly alien eyes! Does not matter what region you caught them.

The ones that I tamed looong time ago before official launch still has good eyes, but the ones I tamed or found after launch have these ugly eyes! All of them and always! Even if I spawn in one with admin panel!

My old Level 4 thralls. They still have perfect eyes!

old level4 1

old level4 2

New ones! With ugly eyes!

new level 4 1

new level4 2

Level 4 NPCs I found with ugly eyes!

ugly npc 1

ugly npc 2

ugly npc 3

It is not game breaking but how should I tame them if they look like this! Please fix this!


I used to think Freya’s super-spaced eyes were creepy, but then I realized they probably aid her archery by increasing depth perception.


Yeah I noticed this bug first with her after I tamed and placed her on the 25th of April!

Lol had to laugh at this !
Some of them look like James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom the necromancer when he was turning snake face ( might be Before most was outta pampers). Shout out to Conan.

That’s true, i mentioned that to.
It’s the eyespacing that is wrong. Did exactly the same, saw a first one i tamed, then a second, then spawned some in with admin, same strange faces…

No clue why this is happening now, and hope it’s not an intentional new-age look, lol.

Hahaha, this have bugged me aswell, but as it isn’t really gamebreaking I haven’t mentioned it. I have however hidden all those faces with big fat helmets or masks. I only have this issue on named combat thralls. Freya, Lian and that Cimmerian fighter chick are the biggest offenders.