Dalinsia Snowhunter issues

I have not seen Dalinsia Snowhunter since the Jan 15 update, is it just me or are others also not able to find her.

Also I noticed Fia nolonder makes Epic Flawless Royal Lemurian, When she is on the improved armors bench I can only make Royal Lemurian with one bar of resistance.

Update: After the 11 Feb update I have been able to find snowhunter again. either just bad luck or the Jan 2020 update effected snowhunter’s spawning.

On PC I’ve got a couple of Dalinsias without a mod increasing Named Thralls spawn rate. I’ve found both of them at Stargazer’s Crest. But I can’t get any of the Named Armorers except Fia. Not a single one even with this mod increasing crafters spawn rate to 10-20%. Four Smelters, a bunch of Blacksmiths… and not a single Armorer. Looks as I’m very unlucky.

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Lemurians do that :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen her in a long while either, but I haven’t farmed extensively for her, and it’s well within the parameters of normal RNG. No need to suspect there’s a problem IMO.

Plus she’s very popular due to being one of if not the best tameable thrall, so people will go out of their way to snag her asap should she spawn.

She is on the platou and in the camp, do rounds for a day or two and you’ll get her.

Weeeeelll… sure, though (obviously) that depends how long you spend each day :wink: if you do one round per day… not so much. If you do it every respawn cycle for 8 hrs per day… you have a decent chance indeed!

I have farmed for her and stopped after the last update , I was going to her spawn point many times per day , she is not spawning. The other person I play with has not seen her on his private server since last update either and in his personal single player game she would spawn very regular at her spawn points many times a day but since THE update again she has not spawned once in his personal or server game.

I quit farming thralls as their spawn rates seemed to have changed quite a bit. It feels like they have been nerfed. I farmed Set City for 7 hours last week in one day and not one named thrall no crafters, no nothings was dead as well dead lol.

This seems to be new since last update before that I was finding and as I am only on single player till those nice bugs we get with every update are fixed no one else is getting her.

I’ve been hunting the Snowhunter also
Three days so far with no sightings.

mounds of the dead rare spawn

There are five locations where she shows up in the Mounds. I have captured 8 Dalinsias in the last two weeks, but I’m in there a good bit.

Stargazer’s Crest - I found 2
The plateau with the Bearer - 1
There is a house on the Eastern edge with an NPC (Sometimes her) praying at an alter - 1
Western side of the farthest western mound - 1
Small 1 man camp just above the Rotbranch - 3

These are the spots I’ve seen her.

Edit: We got one in a Cimmerian Berserker purge as well.

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