Can We Remove The Camera Shake?

Can we please remove the camera shake on gathering materials? I am fully aware that we can accomplish this with mods. However, sometimes, it’s enjoyable just playing the game without mods.

If it’s slated to never be removed, can we at least give us an option to turn it off? It literally gives a headache when farming materials.

There have been multiple threads on this board requesting this feature. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been implemented yet.


its a long time i’v bin inside the options, but if i’m not mistaken there is an option to disable the harvest shaking.

You are lucky you can use mods to disable this. On consoles we have no option. Not fun with the shake every time you strike a resource.

There’s a camera shake on PS4 ? I never noticed it since I’ve started to play CE 8 months ago.

I’m on xbox, and the shake is there. You may not notice it. If you don’t I’m glad you don’t. I have to farm in 3rd person view now because of it. It’s kind of jarring to say the least when you constantly farm.

edit: Mileage may very from person to person. Some people notice things more than others.

Dont touch this screenshake!
Without it mining would be hell as boring.

So… Shaking makes it exciting? Ok, different strokes for different folks.


Every weekend, when I have more than just 2 or 3 hours to play, it never fails that the camera shake ends up resulting in an eye-strain headache by mid-afternoon. If some folks like it, then good for them, but I shouldn’t have to take Advil just because a simple PC mod can’t be integrated into the main game. Myself and others have been asking for this simple courtesy for well over a year now… :tired_face:


Is the shake when you play 1st person ? I’ve always played 3rd person and I never noticed any shakes.

I only play CE in 3rd person, and it shakes with every swing.

On PC, the camera shakes both in 1st person and 3rd person. For me, personally, it seems it shakes slightly more in 3rd person.

I’ll double check the options but, as of this posting, there is no option in game to turn this off (again, on PC; I do not know about console editions).

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