Option to disable camera shake

There was an option in pre-release/early access where you could disable the camera shake, but now that option is gone. I’m one of those people that gets eye strain and headaches from camera shake/camera bob in games.

I tried several workshop addons from Steam but none of them work, and it looks like they would require constant updates since they modify blueprints. I simply can’t play the game like this. I know you can disable it, ARK allows you to do it, why can’t this be added back in?

There are already some other threads on this topic, but I’d like a setting for camera shake as well.
I’d like to reduce it about 50% but we should be allowed to drop it to 0% as well.

Strangely, camera shake is a lot worse in 3rd person than it is in 1st person (this makes no sense).
So in the interim you could try harvesting in 1st person, that may help.