Earthquake or Meteor Fall?

Playing on official pve server near noon river. Experienced what seems like a earthquake. Character stumbling screen moving. Booming in distance. My wife had the same thing earlier. Never saw this in all the time I have been playing. Is this what the starmetel shower is like when you are up in the snow. And why on neeb river? We are at I and 4.


I can’t think of anything out there in the noob river that could cause that effect. Have you experiencied a raid against your base before? A bomb exploding near you could cause that effect too, I just don’t understand why someone would try to raid in pve server…


Hey i have the answer for you.
the screen shaking is caused by a weapon in the game called “Quake” the Arena champion uses this weapon in the warmakers dungeon but it can also be obtained by players as a boss drop in the unnamed city.
The screen rolling or shaking is caused by a heavy attack combo from the Arena champ. when this move is performed one random person on the server will experience the shake. I’m not sure if this was only intended to happen to people fighting her in the dungeon or not but it happens to everyone.
(side note) I think players using the weapon as well as using Rhinos and Elephants can cause the same effect but i am not sure.
hope this helped cheers.


At the time that you send me these messages our server crashed, at least from my side, I send you messages on psn but you didn’t respond to them. So I am asking again, after this happened did the server crashed?
Second question, did you chech the map after this digital phenomenon? Maybe someone summon a God really close to your base. Since in pve a God cannot destroy buildings of other players, maybe all you were experiencing was the effort of a God to do it, maybe, I can’t say for sure.
Still at the time you were sending these messages I was farming brimstone in the lake, everything was normal in the sky and at the time I was killing the boss the server crashed.

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I have spawned in the arena Champions on my server over the years. Funny if it shook some one else’s world in the distance.

Agree however there are several clans with trebuches in the area perhaps some one was targeted practicing with bombs.

Didn’t check map last night doesn’t show any thing now.

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Thanks everyone for the input.

Are you sure about that? I tought the arena champion had “aja’s bane”…

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i just double checked it for sure it is Quake she has

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Yes she has Quake witch is why I have named her QUAKE. Side note if you spawn them they have random looks and hair. Witch Queen always looks the same. Just checked with the Encyclopedia my wife. She has fun with them in her offline game.

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This affect is caused by the quake weapon it will affect the player on the top of the player list (happens to me all the time) it freaked me out the first few times it happened


This is something I didn’t knew, it never happened to me but, still how it is caused? For example, someone was farming the village close to sestus house?

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For a time we were at the top of the player list.

I have to test this tomorrow.

LOL can I ask what’s your ingame name? I guess that’s why it never bothers me. Anyway, this is some interesting stuff going on that I didn’t know, this game never ceases to amaze me.


So you’re saying this lets me know someone is fighting the arena champion so I can have a go at them? Very interesting.

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Pvp player right? I tought the same rofl

This influence is brought about by the shudder weapon it will influence the player on the highest point of the player lis

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Thanks. Next time I am playing on my server will contact top of players list and rock their world. Unless it is someone I know well rock and then contact.