Anniversary screen wallpaper - a thank you and a request

Thanks for partially reading my mind as I meant to post and ask for the wallpaper but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I would like to request a version that has the faction & swirl thing in case people want it (or give us a .png of the faction swirl so we can use it on other SWL images, such as our anniversary screenshots). I mean, i could probably find a way to “steal” the image but I’d rather have an official source, personally. @AndyB


That’s all old stuff, though; it’s nice to have those links so thanks for those, but I’m talking about the new faction swirl thing that’s at the bottom left of the login image.

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I completely forgot that the faction swirl image is in the anniversary news post on Steam and on the anniversary post on the SWL site, so I could have easily taken it from either of those locations. /sigh I blame the anniversary grind for my forgetting.

Oh well, thanks for posting it here.

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