Cut-off cinematic subtitles in 21:9 format



Playing on 3440x1440 and the subtitles get cut off at the bottom as I guess SWL is not supported on ultra wide screens. Did some searching and this issue had already popped up for some players ever since last year.

I mean, for a game that is so story and cutscene heavy, it really is a bummer to be missing out on dialogue while playing on a big screen. I thought this would be high up on the priority list to fix.

Will you guys be fixing this issue soon? Maybe give an option to move subtitles (like in the HUD customization). Shouldn’t be a hard thing to do i guess?

p.s. I’m a returner to SWL and i play together with my wife. We are totally enjoying the atmosphere and lore of SWL now and the only thing dampening my mood for this game are the subtitles… :frowning:


Is 3440x1440 even a supported resolution ingame? O_O


Yeah it is :slight_smile: haha


Eh, anything over 720p was a bit off since TSW. At 1080p it worked but needed lots of adjusting. In 4k (which I play at) you can get the graphics up there but the UI is 90% useless and can’t be scaled ingame and the chat box is completely garbage with zero ability to read. Gotta go get 3rd party stuff to “help” with it, but nothing will make it as nice as if it was just natively done.


I’ve put your concerns in the hands of our developers. Currently, we don’t offically support the ultra wide resolutions. The game asks the graphics card what resolution it supports and lists those. With that said, they are talking about fixing the subtitle issue specifically, so that it doesn’t directly impact the cutscenes in this way.


Thanks Christa, I too have this issue. If there was a way to move the subtitles up slightly that would remedy the issue. Its not the higher resolution that causes it, but the 21:9 ratio.