4K 3840 x 2160 Resolution

I don’t see an option for this in the display settings, but I know people who have monitors (TVs) that support this resolution do it in this game (along with some other tricks to improve the UI readability).

It shows as a valid resolution on the launcher window, but once I’m inside the game (running fullscreen borderless window), it says I’m at 1920 x 1080.

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s not officially supported, so whether or not it works, or how well it works (or doesn’t, the UI isn’t made for it) is entirely up in the air.

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Thanks for the feed back.

I figured it out. I have to change it in game to ‘Full Screen’, and then set that resolution, and then change it back to ‘Windowed (Borderless)’.


Speaking of this, when are they going to have the UI support for 4K T.V’s? I Love the Secret World and have decided to come back since they have quote made allot of changes? On a side note if I have maxed characters on Secret World why should I play Legends?Thanks for all the input

If you want to find out how the story continues after Kaidan, SWL is the only place. Or YouTube, I suppose.

If end-game PvE (NM dungeons, NM raids) or PvP was your primary motivator in TSW then SWL won’t have much to offer you.

No Are you kidding Aeryl! I play and have always played TSW for the PVE story content. It is the best MMO based story telling I have ever played. I have been gone for a while and i remember how challenging some of the quests were, but no other MMO can touch TSW story telling maybe WOW but it would be a serious fight! LOL . Thanks for getting back to me also I’m playing PC can you recommend a guild?

The League of Monster Slayers (LoMS, #lomsglobal chat) is probably still your best one-stop cabal for newbies and returning players.

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Do they have a discord channel Aeryl? Or a web page for applications? Thanks for all your help.

That link has the relevant info on LoMS. There is usually a fair few people on, more at certain times, and almost always something going on.

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Thanks Star I look forward to becoming a part of the community again

Just join #lomsglobal, introduce yourself and ask to join. You’ll be directed to the website to read the terms of service (basically, don’t be an ass) and then signed up. It’s a low-pressure community. As long as you don’t cause drama, you’re welcome!

Btw, is text size working better in SWL than TSW? One of the big problems with uppding resolution is that chat text, etc gets tiny. Did you find a workaround for that?

Vomher wrote a guide on changing chat font sizes and there’s a mod that helps with scaling various UI elements that don’t support it natively.

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The text I did by following the guide Aeryl linked, though she linked it for me for another reason (was having problems seeing red colors), but I ended up changing the base font to a Verdana.

I haven’t tried the UI scaling mod yet, that is the next thing. It’s my understanding there are still some problem windows.

It’s a shame they don’t have any people and/or money to work on it. It’s only going to be a big quality of life thing for more and more people moving forward.

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I would love if this worked in 4K. I own a 55" TV but alas, I had to run it into a 2K window all the way up to maxed gear. I guess any resolution is fine to log in once a day to collect daily rewards and send 2 agents on 8h missions, but if devs ever feel like adding a proper 4K support, along with more new content to log in for, that would be awesome.

As a follow up to your links, I have it mostly working and livable at this point myself, using both the mod and a fonts file with everything doubled. I run about 150% on most windows, though a few I went to 160% on (like the Agent window).

I’m curious whether you know if there is a way to make the “/option GUIResolutionScale n.n” sticky? It seems like I have to do that every time I come into the game, it doesn’t save it.

The only other small annoying thing is the tabs on the chat window don’t seem to resize vertically to match my font…but, I know what each window is, so not a huge deal. :slight_smile:

Just add it to your auto_login script and it’ll be applied every time you start the game.

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That kinda worked, thanks. Because it wants to reset each time, it keeps snapping my left/right weapon UI special GUIs back up to the default location, immediately on either side of my characters feet. I like to move those way down and to the left and right of the action bar. I guess it’s not so bad.

A bit clumsy, but you could add your preferred location for the weapon gimmicks to your auto_login as well.

/setoption LeftWeaponStatusX
/setoption LeftWeaponStatusY
/setoption RightWeaponStatusX
/setoption RightWeaponStatusY

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That ‘seemed’ like it was going to, and should have worked, but it didn’t. I went in the game, moved the two windows where I wanted them, then took a peek at their X,Y positions, and put corresponding commands in the auto_login. It showed it ran the commands, but it didn’t move the windows, but continued to report the windows were at their new locations. I tried unlocking the GUI (for manual positioning) and tried running the commands again (in case that was a thing), and while it said it set them, the windows didn’t move.

So, I manually nudged one of the windows a little, and checked the X value, and now it changed to where it was at that point.

So it’s like manually dragging them around will set the X,Y. The X,Y won’t persist between sessions, and neither /setoption nor /option would seem to ‘physically’ move the two components, even though it reported it had changed the respective values.

Panda :disappointed:

Update: It’s the ‘/setoption GUIResolution 1.5’ that snaps those two back up as well. It seems like for a split second, it remembers where I had dragged those two elements as I login, but as soon as the UI jumps up to 1.5, that’s when the two are then snapped back to their default positions.