Game unplayable due to FPS

Hey there,
Longtime TSW player here and I recently reinstalled the game to check out how things have been going. When I hit the character select screen, everything was like a slide show, running at what seemed like 5 frames per second. When I logged into the game, it was even worse; to the point where I saw boxes when trying to cast some abilities instead of the effects.
After doing some googling, I found a few threads, but they were dead ends with no solutions.
Anyone experienced this ?

Computer setup:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
AMD Radeon Vega 64 8GB
32GB DDR4 3000Mhz RAM
Installed on a 500GB Samsung SSD

Thanks in advance!

When you say that you recently reinstalled the game, just to check, do you mean TSW or SWL?
If it’s SWL did you do a full client download, and how recently did you reinstall it?
Frequently the client will still be downloading files in the background that does horrible things to the framerate, which is why many threads reporting it just deadend, as once the download finishes it’s all fine… :confounded:

Sorry! Secret World Legends is the one I’m referring to.
As for the download, I just did it through Steam, opened and let it sit for awhile. But I noticed it still had the 100% bug from a few years ago too.

Did you make sure that it is the full download. I know as TSW vet you probably thought of it but just to make sure.
Also give dx 9/11 switching a shot. Some hardware doesn’t like one or the other.

WIll do!
Yeah I closed and reopened to make sure everything was downloaded. Is there another, more surefire way to check?

There’s no such thing as a full client download. Even when you select “full” there’s still an additional ~3 GB of data that downloads as you play (e.g. when you zone into a new area). If you have a spinning icon in your topbar, your client is downloading data, which is often the cause for bad framerates for new players.