Sudden crazy lag isssues

so i have bin playing TSW and now SWL for a while and only recently i have bin hit with crazy performance issues
even on the screen where you click play and i cant figure out why
yes my pc can handle it like i said here it was never a problem before the solution with downloading the full client does nothing really

I usually try a few things when i have a sudden performance issue.

  1. Is there anything strange running in the background on your computer.
  2. Anti-virus check
  3. Do you have performance issues in other games that normally run fine.

I sometimes get performance issues in SWL, but it is usually due to crowded servers during events, or if a patch, SWL or Mod, is putting strain on the game. In any of the two cases it has never given me trouble on the start screen

i tried to check secret world legends in the firewall settings, and also aniti virus.
the game stoneheart runs horrible now, but im not sure thats related. as for stuff going on in the backround its nothing abnormal alot of normal windows stuff. i got it working fine a while ago. then it was back to the crazy lag after the recent update. how it looks is that when im in the game the second i turn the camera the fps goes in to single numbers, and i get the icon for the game downloading something.

Hmm Okay how about these.

  1. Are your Drivers up-to-date?
  2. change between Dx11 and Dx9
  3. change between Fullscreen and Windowed Borderless
  4. Any chance graphic settings have been increased?

Very dependend on the computer i have played on, different Dx and Window mode run smoother. I have personally also experienced that the game suddenly changed my graphic settings up.

yup tried that no change strage thing is that it also gets choppy on the character seclection
maybe i should give the specs

windows 10
fx 8350 4ghz (cpu)
fx 480 (gpu)
16g ram
i aslo got like 260 down for internet

edit: i sorted out my packet loss with the help of my isp and info from the support and its pretty okay now

Can you explain what you did? i have over 4000ms and game is unplayable right now all of the sudden, i can only login and get the login bonus =/
Cant even mount up because it takes like 30 sec

Last 4 or 5 days lag has been un-flblblbl believable! Here’s a suggestion: why not just give player an invulnerability buff when connection to server is lost. Makes me want to smash my keyboard throught the flblblblbl wall!

Hi guys, sorry to hear so many are experiencing this problem. If you haven’t tried the advice SinOfTheWolfs posted earlier in the thread then I would strongly recommend doing so. Disabling anti-virus software can be very helpful for resolving issues like this, as well as changing the DirectX version. If these issues persist after trying that then we’ll need you to please go to and open a tech support ticket so we can get additional troubleshooting information and hopefully find a resolution.

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i got more down than i had before also there was a setting he wanted me to try (the isp guy) i cant remember exactly what is was but its something to do with the setting/properties on my ethernet in the advanced section
im sorry i cant be more specific

edit: yes in to properties then on the client for microsoft network ( im translating in my head so it may be something diffrent for you) then you click configure and go to advanced then the one on the list that says speed and dupleks and then you select full from there (mine was not)

Currently testing to see the cause of my new lag issues but seeing this I figured I may as well explain where the setting narutoblaa mentioned is, go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network Connections and right click your Ethernet connection go to properties then configure and under advanced is a setting called speed & duplex which has various forms of full depending on network speed, I assume the setting he went for is 1.0 Gbps full duplex.

Update: so far looks like full duplex fixed it, weird that my last flats network ran this at full speed without full duplex but networking will always be a bit mystically hard to figure out for me.


great i was kinda Lucky the ISP guy that helped me figure it out is a Secret world player too lol

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Tried starting up, lag so bad it is impossible to even play this game.