FPS drops and massive lags

I installed TSW yesterday and i got fps drops. Normally i have around 60 - 100 (depends on settings). and every 5 seconds or less i got fps <10.
my system:
amd ryzen 5 2600
gtx 1060 6gb (driver 430.86)
24 GB Ram
installed on ssd

any idea?
i tried low settings, dx9, window modes, but no change

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You may find this link helpful about how to make NVIDIA cards run SWL smoother;

It worked for me.

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Apologies for the seeming pedantry, but TSW or SWL?

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I mean SWL. i use to call the old name :slight_smile:

at Caerfinon
thanks for the link, but it didnt help

There is one thing i forgot to tell. While the first session after installing, the fps was good. From the second game session it was like i told. I installed it again and even in the tutorial are fps drops.
Other games, like divison 2 have no problems with fps drops. so i think it has to be a SWL special thing.

Can you check how big your SWL installation folder is? If it is below ~37GB, your suttering and FPS drops most likely is still due to background downloading. Even if you download “full client”, it actually is not full client… If this is the case, suttering and FPS drops should stop when the background downloads has been completed. It might take a while, depending your internet connection but you can make sure that your download rate is set to highest in game options

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Thank u. This works. But wondering, why this wasnt the case in the first session.

/close please