Is there any way to improve this?

Is there any way to optimize the game? and why is Funcom ■■■■■■■■ to optimize the game? BDO runs a thousand times better on my pc than SWL … I have an i5 3 ° 6 ram and a video card from AMD radeon R5 200 series of 1 GB…I know it is not a powerful computer but let’s be sensible and agree that this should be more than enough to play the game at low at 30 fps

I hear SSDs make a noticeable difference.

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Definitely. I have 2 installs (one Steam and one not), one of which is on an SSD and is significantly faster.

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One thing you can check is the size of the RDB folder in your Secret World Legends folder. It should end up being about 34GB once you’ve downloaded all the background data. If you’re showing a smaller folder, then it’s still downloading stuff, and it’s probably that which is hitting your fps.

Since your not running a NVIDIA graphics card a lot of that may not be relevant to you but worth a look. I think my oldest laptop back in 2013 ran TSW on a GTX 660 which struggled considerably to get anything over 20FPS. I don’t know anything about the AMD radeon R5 but being that it came out at a similar time I don’t expect you to get much more then that from it.