Excessive lag on #3525


Game mode: Online / PVP
Problem: Constant lag spikes / disconnects
Region: US

Every since latest patch the server performance is garbage. Frequent lag spikes when more than 10 players are on. Server has decent ping and performance does better outside of peak hours when fewer players are on.
This leads me to believe that either your servers are under powered or software horribly unoptimized.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. warp to any obelisk and experience disconnect
  2. pull up event log and find yourself unable to access any inventory or open any door
  3. attempt to raid a large base and disconnect
  4. Fight people and get killed by melee attack 20 feet away because of frequent lag spikes
  5. Get shot at by explosive or poison arrow and experience soul crushing lag
  6. Bring pets to a fight.
  7. Ask clan-mates and other people on the server if they are experiencing same issues. Usually its a yes across the board.


No use talking, they do not care about us …

This is not the first time I’ve created a subject on lag here


The more I talk to other ps4 users (regardless of ps4 or ps4pro) it seems last patch has broken things. I’m seeing clans just rage quit over the garbage server performance.


But according to some “users” the game runs perfectly, the servers are the state of the art for multiplayer and the problem is…us…having a personal war with Funcom.

I have such big smile on my face when I read these people trying defending the undefendable.


I hear some people say they have no problems, at least initially but eventually the current lag/performance issues catch up with them. The problem could be a combination of things.
It could be bad QoS/ load balancing on the hosting/network side, it could be servers that don’t have enough resources for heavy loads ( I’m also told they use bloated window servers instead of running on fine tuned linux instances) or the underlying hypervisors are overloaded on the backend. They added new features that probably aren’t optimized and growing in resource scope. The event log and new pet thralls seem to generate a lot of lag. Hard to say without seeing everything but its also hard to deny the issues unless you play on zero population servers casually.
Maybe they should spin up beefier server instances and allow crossplay between consoles.
Maybe they should allow ps4 pros to host private servers(that’s probably a pipe dream)
It just seems like the game is really sucking right now on ps4 and lacking alternative server options.


Yeah, i am having the same issue! We have ONLY TWO SERVERS for South America region and both are FULL OF PLAYERS and LAG!
3985 is currently unplayable! It lag all the time and i can’t leave my base (it’s being at least for a week now), can’t open doors and chests, can’t even walk inside the base. Also i can barely scroll the menu down to exit game (pause menu lag either). 3995 is in the same situation.
I’ve reporting them trough the new report page but it’s useless.
So @Tascha do you have anything to add to this?


Funcom’s developers maybe can’t fix this laggy environment.
That is fundamental problem of game system.


So i take you’re saying that developers may have released a game that they can’t fix? Is that so? They can’t fix a malfunctioning product made by themselves? Really? Juuuust great…



As we experienced Funcom had created so many bugs repeatedly.
And so irritate problems are still existing.

  1. laggy & stuttering in game when about over 20 users
  2. Thrall/pet teleported down or stuck at door/corner and die
  3. Can’t scroll down in feed boxes and event log
  4. massive lag occurrence of event log
  5. so laggy sound setting in option menu
  6. and so on

Are these really difficult to patch? Absolutely no.
As you see they just can’t fix it.


from want I see on youtube interview funcom only have 1 guy fix the bug on all cross platform


This isn’t necessarily a band-aid by any means, as it will help with any games, but I recently bought a sandisk 500gb external usb SSD, and it was improved my conan gameplay by leaps and bounds, invisible thralls? nope, invisible camps? nope. Walked into the black keep with a buddy to get a heart, took me 13 seconds to load in, took him 45. both on ps4 pro. my loading bar goes to about half before it loads, where it used to go all the way to the end and seem to stay their perpetually. Not a bad upgrade for an aging console for $109. Newer games that are taking more than advantage of the capabilities of the ps4 hardware(this game, FFXV, horizon zero dawn) or other games that render a ton of stuff far as the eye can see dont go well with the speed of the mechanical drive and SATA 3 connection it uses, and its even worse on a standard ps4 using SATA 2. The transfer speeds just dont seem up to par with what some games demand.


lag seems to be greatly reduced with the latest Halloween patch, at least for Ps4.


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