The lag... Unbearable... Help

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [America]

I’m a long time player on console. And I can’t say I’ve seen any type of constant lag as this.

I log in, it’s a hit or miss wether or not if I have to sit there and wait 20+minutes for things to load and be able to move. I can roll… but can’t move… if one of my clan members enters a chest, or a bench, or opens a door, I then, can see and access whatever they touched ( new to the server, sandstone base like a 5x5 type distance, so loading into the server shouldn’t really be a problem like it would if I had a larger base ).

If I sprint, the lag jumps at a constant rate of 3+ seconds making it completely uncontrollable to watch/maintain my stamina.
And that factors in, to fighting NPCs, players, you name it. They’ll be 20ft away from me, swinging in the air, and somehow I’m being hit. The list goes on, as to how extreme it is. I’ve been on the server for 4 or so days now. Every time I’ve played, I’ve been lagging.

The server number is 3650, on Ps4. My friend doesn’t lag, outside of the “normal”. I switch servers and everything is fine. My connection is hardwired, so things should be stable. I haven’t tried reinstalling the game, so maybe that will fix it. But as I said, I’ve gone to other servers and have been completely fine, so I think it’s something to do with the server. Ive tried past known ways to fix things loading, such as, shooting an arrow at something you know should be there, rolling, kicking, not attempting to move for x period of time.

It’s gotten to the point where I can’t stand it anymore, and for my friends sake, who is new to the game, I don’t want to switch servers. So anything out there to help, would be appreciated.

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Same on 3514, it’s sad, was working as intended but that update two weeks brought the problems

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PVE 3181 same issue

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FC have mentioned before hat we can expect further hotfixes for lag and so on. Based on recent releases I am guessing that we can expect more as soon as they have them. I think it’s a general mopping up of issues with the devs at the moment.

A lot of expected deliverables this week are not helping I guess. Lockdown is still a thing too. Certain fixes being worked on will likely make very obvious drops to lag (ping/pong springs to mind). Those that can, check the various Discord groups for more coverage. Till then, though laggy, the game still works.

One thing that has worked for me (PC). Once I get in game, I wait a moment and then exit back to the main game menu - and then back onto the server. Who knows why, but the Lag is less. Hope that helps some.

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I have also played on that server. I have a video on my YouTube showing people literally flying across my screen because the server was completely desynced from any of the players. This wasn’t happening to just me either. I’ve reported this server numerous times over a year and they have yet to do anything about it. It also doesn’t help that there is an undermesher on that server and he piles tons of chests in the mesh full of materials, weapons, armor, thralls, etc.

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Yeah, this server used be quite the popular one back in the day, so I believe it. I also am aware of a clan who is to be excused of undermeshing on here at the moment “legião Brasil”. But I have no definite proof either. So not really my complaint pretty much everyone will be going back to undermeshing so, not like it’s not gonna be known about.

Oh it’s not just them. There’s a solo player that does it as well. He was actually the one I was referring to. He’s been reported with screenshots and evidence of what he’s doing but he’s still active on the server. As for the Brazilian clan, that makes it double hard because that’s two groups just hoarding obscene amounts of junk under the map, causing the server to desync. I kind of wish funcom would just wipe officials as soon as they release their undermeshing fix. Too many “alpha” clans land claiming the crap out of dead servers and busy servers being overran by meshers.

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Yeah, but imagine the amount of complaints they would get… I agree though. Definitely need something to help free up the deadweight and people just posted up. Gods are coming back to console soon enough, they just brought them back on PC, so hopefully that helps… Still lagging though! So, that’s not fun.

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Hello @xBachelor1, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out, we’ll get in touch with you through DM to request that you run some network tests to help determine the issue.

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Well just spent the better half of the last 2 days trying to find a PvE-C server that didnt have lag and that was impossible, PvE and PvP were perfectly fine just PvE-C with 3515 not even getting to Charecter creation. Do we have any updates on the lag issues?

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