Official server 3564 lag is unbareable

Game mode: [Online | [pvp]
Problem: [| | Performance | Misc]
Region: [NA]

[So I have been playing on official server 3564 pvp for like 8 months now and progressively the lag has gotten worse over time. Now the lag is so bad that that npc’s sometimes dont even render in until after you kill them which is so hard cause you cant see them even though you are taking damage from them. The lag is so bad now that the sound is completely out of whack somethings like bases or other world objects take forever to render and just trying to access inventory or any boxes takes legitimately 15 to 20 secs for stuff to either render in or just open the box period. I’m in north America on a north American server and I have ready gold internet and I’m hard wired. If there is something I need to do to make this lag go away please let me know other wise if it’s on your end can you please fix the lag isssues.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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