Server cheats with lag

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Lagggggg! I know this is a fun game but only in offline mode can you get anywhere. Online pve is plaqued with constant hard lags server disconnects and spikes in lag whenever anyone dies. My friend and I have lost so many sets of armor due to lag. We can’t get thrall back to base because of hard lag disconnects saying host closed server. Can’t even defend ourselves from npcs attacking because of (You guessed it) lag! I don’t know if it’s just official server 3503 or you devs just hate and intentionally create the lag just to screw with the people playing but it needs to stop. We are personally dreading the purge because there will be no way to protect our base due to the issues. If we have to rebuild and recapture all over again I don’t know what we are going to do but more than likely we will be talking on social media more than playing Conan lag.

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Yup, lagg or severe frame dips are pretty common on the PS4 it seems. Official or private servers does not really matter since they are operated by the same company.
It causes quite a bit of unintentional damage to ones character health, so far the only times ive died has been due to lagg I think, getting surrounded by 8 npcs in a lagg spike.

We’ve lost so much because of the lag or died and went back to get our stuff and our bodies fell through map.

Just had that happen to me… Lagg or just common bugs made “me” fall to my death, corpse vanished into the depths of the earth.

Offline is eve unplayable atm, error codes when building, invisible enemies, lag pretty much at everything you do, npcs not attacking or responding, the list goes on and on

Just died again with all my good gear and tools on me with a bunch of coal and black ice… Was in a field, hard lag spikes, loaded onto bed, says i fell to death, go back to death marker still in “CENTER OF FIELD”!, NO BODY! NO BAG! NO GETTING MY STUFF BACK THAT TOOK FOREVER TO MAKE! instead I get every aggressive creature within 60 miles all agro to me in seconds! Run to a tree can’t climb it high enough without falling back down! Run to the cliff at edge of field try to climb up it… nope 2 stamina ticks later I’m falling back down, try to climb a boulder same result, I give up and let massive horde kill me, respawn!, run back and that body is still there… the one that had nothing on it is still there… My first body… still where ever the hell funcom puts bodies of players that are making progress!!!