PS4 terrible 30 second lag spikes online

Game mode: Online PvE
Problem: Horrible lag spikes
Region: North America

I’ve noticed some posts about this issue in PS4 and it’s been a nuisance for me as well. Most of the time I get 30-60 second lag spikes every ten or so minutes. Sometimes if I head to a new region, the same thing happens, but after every minute or two and it’s daunting to go out and explore passed the desert region when this is happening non stop.

ive had people i was fighting in pvp freeze while i was lagging too, i think its when the server saves and is in fact happening to everyone on the server. its really really annoying and has killed me several times now. it seriously needs to be fixed because its to me the biggest problem with this game right now


I have been reporting it everytime is happens, because its kind of ridiculous if you ask me.