Lag spikes after update just broke game

Game mode: Online
Problem: everything
Region: America pve

Well done Funcom, you’ve broken more than you fixed. There is now a lag spike lasting 10-20 seconds mostly when fighting NPC’s of boss creatures. This lag makes the game now completely unplayable and is the exact reason I left my old server over 2 months ago. I think its safe to say I’m finally done with this broken/beta game. Im running a ps4 pro, wired ethernet, 20mbps upload. 1gb upload speed. If your game is this broken with my specs you have bo hope of every fixing this game. We wait this long for the patch, you delay it some more and then release this partial patch that doesnt even cover half the bugs in the game? Are you serious right now? Im done. Good luck with your remaining customer base of 22 players.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:



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