Some questions about monitors

So this may be a noob question but I saw some talk in Global about higher resolution monitors can reduce the size of game icons resulting in needing to get a custom UI.

Is this true?

Thinking of upgrading at least 1920 x 1080.
Don’t ask what I using now. It is old. Very old. Embarrassing old. It is flat screen but used it on about 3-4 pcs.

You wont need a custom UI for 1920x1080. I use 2560x1440 with the default UI. You will have problems going to 4K but below that everything is fine.

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Can confirm working game @1920x1200.
No need to worry.

You will only need to customize a UI for resolutions beyond 2K.

Thank you!



1440p can look a bit too small depending on your eyes and screen size/distance, but I agree that regular UIs can work fine at 1440p for most people, esp in PVE. It’s not difficult to work around it for 1440p anyway, only a few things you’ll need to change. 4K is another can of worms however.

It’s easy to increase the icon size of buffs, only thing I didnt manage to do yet is increasing the size of the buff timer. (See other thread for info on how to increase buff icon sizes)

It really comes down to the DPI (dots per inch). of the screen. Essentially, it is the resolution of the screen and the Diagonal in inches which effects your DPI. 1440p at 27 inches is pretty close to the same visual size as 1080p at 21 inches.

If you get a 1080p monitor with a 27 inch diagonal, everything looks bigger because the DPI is lower.

Since many 4k screens are at 27-30 inches, you get a much higher DPI. As a result, everything on the screen looks smaller and needs scaled up to easily see.

That makes sense, I’m looking at 1080 p. 4k is over my budget right now, and it seems it would a hassle anyway.

I recommend you get one with a high refresh rate such as 120 hz or higher. 144 is ideal. Playing age of Conan on a high refresh rate is like an entirely new game.

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