Is there anyway to increase the UI?

I’m on a 4K monitor and the game is very unplayable. And lowering the resolution is not an option

Game was made in 2008. It wasn’t designed to be run in 4K. I’d recommend running it in a lower resolution window.

However, someone may have made a recent gui that may scale better.

I’d want to run game via DSR with 2k 1440p but i cant due to small UI, is there a way to resize ui?

You can edit your view.xml file to make icons bigger or change their positioning, same with other areas

its not about icons only

Vanilla WoW was made 4yrs earlier and when I played on private servers I had 0 issues playing on my 4K monitor, so that is a terrible excuse

I tried Strange UI (or whatever it was called) and my FPS wouldn’t go higher then 20. Uninstalled Conan reinstalled and now the game wont run. I even tried outside of Stream (the game was installed in a different location and everything) but I’m still getting the same error

Too much effort for a old dying game. Laidher

2 different game engines and a company that intends to update their game.


It’s possible to increase fonts, so at least you can read other player names and guild tags

its a fact not a excuse :smile: the game was released in a time where the min/max resolution werent high enough to justify a size slider out of that reason. some games generous in their customizability did it, but it was more of a exception then a rule.

If im not mistaken there is a guide how to play with 4k screens on henryx (a aoc player) blogg or youtube channel, try to google it.

Fact is an older MMO has no issues resizing to 4K so the fact AoC is old is not an excuse

Anyways I’m done and I came here to post this. If you want to have an easier time reading stuff in-game while playing 4K try this,

Search for Magnifier, change to 100% and select Full Screen in Views. Right now you will not notice any difference but once you want to read something in game hold down Alt+Ctrl and wheelup on your mouse, this will zoom in on your cursor location. Once you are done reading hold Alt+Ctrl and wheeldown

you actually gonna play the game using windows magnifier glass? thats the funniest thing ive read in a while :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ayyy lmao

Before uninstalling Strange UI you must ‘de-activate’ the Aoc.exe if not, “the game won’t run”. You can install Strange UI again and uninstall it properly.

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It baslically allows you to zoom in while you are playing so if you need to read something to sort out your bags it would make it a lot easier

Better then squinting all the time

Hi there !
If you have some patience you could try the 4k version of Strange UI I tried to build a few years ago.
Like I said it’s been a while but it should still be somewhere on the old forums. Also, there must be a lot to be done to get it to work properly but at least you’d have something to start with :slight_smile:


Or maybe just play the game in a 1080p window? No alt tabbing and no squinting

I found my old files, but I can’t remember if it worked properly.

Since for some reason the game won’t work for me, I just leave the .zip file here :

Hopefully someone (who said the one and only, the undying and allmighty Cappa?) might be able to do something out of it :slight_smile:


If you still haven’t been able to change yours lmk. I’ve always increase my HUD icon sizes and font sizes by editing the XML file.

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How u change your hud?